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What gives?
Is the U.S. using Rajavi as a bargaining chip against Iran?

By Cyrus Rasti
March 3, 2004

Hey guys! I'm worried about of a lot of things: money, career, personal problems and of course what is going on in our beloved Iran. With the ousting of Saddam Hussein and his pimps, the Iraqis have a light at the end of the tunnel but we as Iranians are in a precarious situation.

Iran is being run into the ground by false mullahs who are clearly traitors. Are they Arabs? Are they deep cover agents for MI6? Or perhaps they are both?  I don't know, but a lot of well-read fellow Iranians I have spoken with seem to think so. But this is another issue.

With the flushing down the toilet of Saddam and his rapacious family, day by day more and more remnants of that dark era are going away except the Mujahadeen Khalq terrorist group. Why the hell are they still there? Their camp is still up and running. They still have their weapons and they have their "May Day" like parades. It is absolutely mind-boggling!

They were one and one with the Bathists. They helped the Iraqi security forces slaughter innocent Kurds and Shias! They are recognized as a terrorist group by the U.S. and EU governments. They are very dangerous and fanatical so why the hell are they still there? The Iraqis want them out. Hell, the governing council voted to kick them out but they are still in Iraq being protected by the U.S. military!

And where is Masoud Rajavi? The traitor who sided with the butcher of Baghdad againstour nation! The megalomaniac who along with his vixen wife leads a bizarre cult like group with a dangerous agenda for iran and the Middle East as a whole. When the second Persain Gulf war had started, he wanted to sacrifice the remaining MKO members while he runs away with his tail between his legs. But how can such a person simply disappear?

Nowhere is safe for him and I really can't think of any country that would willingly take him in. Iranians are looking for him as are the Iraqi Kurds and Shiites. Unless...

So I think maybe the Americans have him in custody but they want to keep it hush hush. I'm sure he could provide valuable information to American interrogators on his organizations past present and future activities. Remember the MKO was involved in the U.S. Embassy takeover in 1979. They were also responsible for the deaths of American officials both civilian and military during the 1970's.

Maybe Masoud Rajavi is being used as a bargaining chip against Iran. Maybe another intelligence service has him in custody like the Mossad. So what do you all think about this? I think it's strange that he has disappeared off the face of the earth and there are no rumors of whereabouts. None! Isn't the media concerned? What gives?

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