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We've got a problem
We don't do enough to express or defend ourselves

By Ben Madadi
March 11, 2004

It was amazing how the movie The Passion of The Christ stirred such controversy. Although it is a very violent film depicting Jesus in the most brutal manner ever shown on screen, it made much more publicity because of its alleged anti-Semitism.

I found entire articles on some of the most prestigious newspapers, including The Economist and Newsweek, trying to assess the film from all possible points of view. I am sure that most of these writings were inspired because of the allegations of anti-Semitism rather the violent nature of the film, though most of the writers agreed that The Passion had very little to do with anti-Semtism but it is rather a gruesome picture.

This made me think a bit about other related issues. I wondered if a film unfavourable towards Iranians could possibly stir controversy? Would many Iranians really get upset? I am quite sure they would. But would they do anything really tangible about it?

Well, this is in fact what I've been pondering about. I think we've got a problem. We, as Iranians, don't do enough to express or defend ourselves. We do not believe that, if the Jews in America or anywhere else can protect themselves, we should at least be able to protect ourselves inside our own country -- let alone outside of it.

If any individual, any Iranian, believes they are each constituents of a whole, then the community could strengthen in unity and the will of the community could open the way for the realization of their desires.

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By Ben Madadi


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