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For who she is
It is around Ameri that Iranians in Diaspora should congregate and support

By Mahmoud Ghaffari
May 6, 2004

Some recent articles on and elsewhere prompted me to scribe this peace and depict a different perspective(s) of who Goli Ameri is and why we, Iranians in Diaspora, should support her. These articles were for the most part negative and concentrated on her political views as to her qualifications and her credentials in running for Congress from Oregon. [Con: "Are we sheep?", Con: "Inescapable truth", Pro: "Foot in the door" ]

Not to say that we have political differences and they should not be voiced, but in her case we have the first of many things that we can support. The first Iranian-American, the first female of the same, the first of her Stanford class, the first fellow Iranzamini, etc to find her way to the halls of congress.

Let us not make any mistake that this will be a great stride forward for us "the immigrants" or as some think "the guests" to this great nation. No other migrant group has been able to achieve so much in so short a time. We now have the chance to send one of our own to one of the greatest democratic venues and institutions the world has known.

From its pulpits Ameri will be able to voice our concerns, and most important those of our countrymen who are being chocked under an undemocratic, so called Islamic, and Inquisitorial style theocracy. In doing so, Ameri can help America shape her foreign policy, especially towards that of Middle East.

Who better than a Middle Easterner, specifically Iranian-American to help Congress in shaping policies that closely relates to the needs of both America, her safety concerns and the stability of the region? Those who have followed Ameri's ascension through out her political life know full well her passion for what she preaches. She is fervent and passionate for the causes she believes in.

Like most of you I may not agree with everything she stands for, but then again who can we find that agrees with all our aspirations? I have known Goli Ameri, when she was to me Golrokh Yazdi, or as I call her "Amghezee". Although I am a Democrat, but I am ardently supporting this Republican for who she is, rather than what she stands for.

There are two things that distinguish her from her contemporaries, her gender and her Iranian heritage. I am particularly proud that an Iranian woman has taken the role of leadership, because it proves to the "Oxidant", and Americans in particular, that the "Orient" is capable of producing people with leadership qualities that have democratic values and aspirations.

It also sends a strong signal to the Islamists and fundamentalists in Iran, that the female gender is more capable of taking the helm then any man could begin to envisage. It is around Ameri that Iranians in Diaspora should congregate and support in all manners possible, so that we could begin to break the vicious cycle of negativity surrounding us Iranians.

Ameri has a long and distinguished record of political activism and leadership. Her aspirations for public office span her entire adult life, and she has shown her qualifications in several leadership positions. There is another quality to Ameri that very few people know of. She is the kin of the late Abdullah Entezam.

For those in my generation and older, and in fact in many American political circles, Abdullah embodies that of Puritanism and humane passion. He was one of the few incorruptible politicians and one who served his public duties with distinction and honor. If in fact, Ameri has one percent of his genes in her, we should be proud to send her to the House of Representatives. Her presence will be a breath of fresh air for the house. Could her integrity also rub off on her counterparts in the House? We shall see.

Mahmoud Ghaffari is the aircraft broadband communication project manager for Boeing and is an Adjunct professor of Network communication and computer science and Devry and National Universities.

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By Mahmoud Ghaffari

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