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One reason to vote for Bush
Kerry is better, except on the issue of regime change for Iran

October 29, 2004

I am so sick of this pro-Kerry nonsense from Iranians. All you're doing is listening to the facts that you want to hear, to give you an excuse to vote for Kerry.  Your "facts" are full of half truths, and sometimes no truths.

To guide you into the fact that Bush is good for Iran and Kerry will be the worst thing to ever hit it, let me make this claim. The goal of an Iranian-American voting for Bush is purely for regime change, nothing else.

Yes Kerry is better for countless reasons, but as Iranian-Americans our number one issue must be regime change for Iran. We must vote for who will help end the Islamic regime and against who will help it.

So I'm not going to address issues brought up against Bush in reasons other than Iran, because that's unnecessary. I agree with you on them anyway. 

Yes Bush has embraced a hard-line policy towards the mullahs. This frightened them and is forcing them to crush the reformists. But you must realize, the reformists have always been ineffective, and to increase the external tension rather than let the internal tension stand still, is the catalyst Iran needed for a different form of governmental instability.

And in the following year's state of the union address, Bush reiterated himself. He proclaimed a clear distinction between the mullahs and the pro-democracy youth. Criticize it if you like, but it is clear that Bush is intent on driving the mullahs out of power. 

I AM SO SICK AND TIRED of the same tactical plan hailed by so many Iranians. That being, a slow moving, gradual push for reform. This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. People are dieing out there. Get off your spoiled Americanized ass and tell those suffering that you want a gradual change.

Who is to say that Iran will ever change "gradually?"

In recent months the laws have been tightening and the efforts of reformists have been repealed. Women are asked to pull up their chadors more often. The guards are getting stricter. It's a sign that hard-line laws are perfectly capable of getting worse.

Suppose Iran never reforms, will you continue these same dreams of "slow, gradual" change in 50 or 70 years from now, when we lose all sense of our cultural identity, when minorities are crushed, when were all old and dead?

Kerry is intent on taking the route of Europe, to pamper the Islamic republic as much as possible for a few nuclear safety guidelines. It's a selfish plan, which will end up helping only Americans and Israel to be safe from nuclear weapons. Europe helps the Islamic republic for oil deals, giving them a pass on human rights.  Now, Kerry's top Iranian campaign supporters want the same deal with America. 

Now, I know, I know, Bush doesn't care about Iranian human rights either. But that doesn't mean that his agenda won't end up nevertheless helping the Iranian people. 

If you still think Bush would go to war with Iran, you need your head checked. All of America's resources are exhausted. There is no manpower left to go into Iran. After the Iraq disaster, no self-respecting country would even think about helping America with an Iran war. And even if they did even try to squeeze out another war, think of it this way. Iran is no Iraq, and it is no Afghanistan.

Iraq was under sanctions for 13 years. The Iranian military is the largest in the middle-east, self-sufficient in many fields, and capable of killing thousands of American troops, while dragging the war on for a year or so. No war will ever come to Iran. It's just propaganda to think so.

I am not defending that jerk Reagan, but think of it this way: he stopped Khomeini's vision of a pan-Islamic middle-east, and accommodated Iranian's who left Iran after the revolution.  He clearly had an anti-regime line against the Islamic republic, even though he had terrible way of expressing it. IM NOT DEFENDING REAGAN, no letters! Not to mention, the view of the Islamic republic by the American parties must be examined under a post cold war lens.

The Clinton administration wanted a slow paced reform effort for Iran, back when everyone thought that was possible. Remember the good old days when we thought Khatami was the next Gorbachav, and that the reformist party was the answer to everyone's prayers. That's what we all believed and Clinton did to, so it was fine to be soft on the regime back then. Well, welcome to reality.

Reform won't happen. Bush will support the forces inside Iran ready to mobilize for change. So his policy will be Eisenhower-esque, but not nearly as bad. Think of it this way, Iran WANTS change. Mossadeqh was great for Iran, and they put in a puppet. Now we have the reverse, an unliked dictatorship when we want democracy. The Iranian people are too smart to let another dictator get into power, no one will vote for a Karzai or Chalabi. 

Today the parties are polarized by the divided policy. Republicans want regime change and Democrats want to help the mullahs.

All Kerry is going to do is turn Iran into another Saudi Arabia. An American backed dictatorship with a pass on human rights. 

Don't write me letters about abortion, or Ashcroft, or healthcare, or that internet propaganda about the possibility of a draft, or this or that, OK I AGREE WITH YOU.  I don't care. I care about Iran. I'm an Iranian first and an American second.

Kerry will end all hopes for regime change. Bush wants regime change, a WARLESS regime change. This is why we must vote for him. This is why the Student Movement Coordination Comittee for Democracy in Iran and every other Iranian exile pro-democracy group endorses Bush. Support Bush because he is the last hope for Iran.

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