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The ketchup surprise
The Bush & Heinz families' dirty Iranian secret

B Bamdad
October 8, 2004

October 19th 1980 is an 'important' date. That is the date when a deal was finalized between the mullahs in Iran and the Reagan/Bush campaign to steal the 1980 US presidential elections. In fact, (Florida) 2000 was the 'second' time the Bush family was involved in stealing a presidential election -- not the first!

On that day in 1980, George Bush Senior flew secretly to Paris to meet with representatives of Iran's regime -- including future parliamentary speaker Mehdi Karrubi -- to wrap up a deal to hold on to US embassy hostages until after the presidential election in November, thus humiliating Jimmy Carter and guaranteeing the Reagan-Bush presidency.

Needless to say, Reagan won, Carter lost, and the hostages were released immediately after Reagan's inauguration. The mullahs kept their part of the bargain. And the Republicans delivered cash, arms and security assurances to the Islamic regime in exchange. And the mullahs have remained in power for 24 years since.

Countless books and articles have been written about this event -- now dubbed the "October Surprise" -- although strangely, nothing broke out into the mass media for general public consumption. Oh, there were hints of all this during the Iran-Contra hearings -- but the average Joe on the street still has no idea what happened. And more information has surfaced about the deal, which adds considerable intrigue to the crimes. 

The pilot of the plane taking Bush to Paris (who remains in hiding) -- Gunther Rusbacher -- has revealed more names and details of the secret flight Bush made to Paris on October 19th 1980. Rusbacher was a long-time friend of William Casey (Reagan's campaign director) and a former senior naval intelligence officer.

Casey was asked to organize the trip, and has revealed detailed elements of the trip: the planes, the flight plans, the airports, the hotels... you name it. All irrefutable and confirmed recently by a retired Israeli intelligence officer stationed in Paris, a senior Russian intelligence official and a French intelligence official. But, upon questioning, Bush's own secret service agents have pled amnesia -- they recorded no details about the weekend in their logs and cannot remember what Bush actually did.

Anyway, Russbacher named John Heinz as one of the travelers. Yes, Teresa Heinz Kerry's former husband.

Apparently, the mullahs were shrewd enough to insist that Bush bring some evidence of congressional support in case the deal blew up. And Bush brought along John Tower (Senator from Texas, Bush's home state and then chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services committee), John Heinz (then chairman of the National Republican Senatorial committee), as well as William Casey and Richard Beal (a Republican Party Strategist) and 14 others. The mullahs understood American politics.

Tower, Heinz, Casey and Beal have all died suspiciously.

Tower, as you may know, chaired the subsequent Iran-Contra congressional hearings that turned Oliver North into an American hero. Tower was in fact chairing the very same committee that should have been investigating him. He died on April 4th 1990 ... after declaring that he was adding a chapter to his biography revealing new information about the Iran-Contra affair. His private jet crashed upon takeoff.

And on the next day April 5th, 1990 John Heinz died in another private jet crash -- apparently he had agreed to corroborate Tower's statements.

William Casey died the very morning he was due to give testimony to Congress about Iran-Contra.

And Richard Beal died mysteriously in his early thirties...

You get the picture. More than 12 people connected with this event have died and a good number are in hiding after attempted assassinations. But hey, what do we expect?

And lets face it, Reagan ended up a hero by crushing the Soviets and saving the world from Communism - by among other things supporting anti-Soviet Islamic militants in Afghanistan (and Iran). These are the same fanatics that ended up planning 9/11.

And you have to admire the mullahs. They were wise enough to realize that they had to switch sides and assist Reagan/Bush ... and now they are sitting tight doing whatever they want ... enriching uranium, killing opponents, torturing prisoners and there is no one that will or can stop them.

Interestingly, Teresa Heinz (Kerry)'s new husband has confirmed his policy of dialogue and engagement with the Iran. These are the same mullahs that met and engaged with Teresa's former husband ... and led to his death. Maybe Teresa's grateful!

Either way, whoever wins, the mullahs are smiling and secure! Sick, but brilliant! They understand US politics and according to several reports have been spending $93 million a year in the United States to buy influence -- with cadres of agents in the U.S. calling into Radio and TV talk shows, lobbying elected officials, funding campaigns, you name it...

That a set of "3-toman-Rozeh-khoons" (that translates roughly to a set of two-bit-preachers) from South Tehran now living in Qom have out-foxed the best politicians in the West and sustained power in the face of so-much opposition for 25 years is incredible.

If only this brilliance could have been channeled into enhancing the living standards and liberties of ordinary Iranians and constructive integration into the rest of the world -- instead of feeding more corruption, conspiracy and tyranny.

For this political cycle at least, both Iranians and Americans should understand that they should not count on presidential support in assisting the downfall of the theocracy. Oh, there will be a lot of hot air, and the mullahs might get a slap on their wrists with sanctions -- because of nuclear concerns or ties with Al Qaeda - but nothing of substance will happen and the mullah's will remain in power.

The mullah's are professional sanction busters ... look at all the American products on Iran's streets transshipped through Dubai. And after all, the mullahs are the only ones alive that hold the secrets and can continue to blackmail the Bush and the newly extended Heinz families.

No nothing of any substance will be done.

And now we all understand that the United States under President Bush is committed to defeating terrorism by fighting fanatics on their own soil (instead of in the United States) and bringing about new moderate governments through democratic processes. This is the war, per se, to eliminate the causes of terrorism.

But sadly, because of America's compromised history with Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc., and the very presence of these types of secrets, the United States has become impotent. American leadership is tragically compromised... nothing more can be done.

So as long as Iran's mullahs remain in power, their wealth, power and success will continue to entice religious leaders from Morocco to Egypt to Lebanon to Malaysia, to work towards their own Islamic revolutions, by nullifying the forces of moderation. And terrorism will go on. Whether Bush or Kerry is in the Whitehouse.

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