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A dozen Iraqis for an American eye
The terrorist is alive and sounding like a real Yale graduate

Kourosh Taghavi
October 30, 2004

today i read an article in the NY times that reported over 100,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq because of the direct actions of the war that has been launched by America and its Allies. i thought about QESSAS -- an eye for an eye, ....

America went to this war claiming a fight against the terrorists. the terrorist is alive and well and sounding like a real Yale graduate (unlike the commander in chief of the occupying force). And the only revenge taken was from the absolutely Innocent people of Iraq.

(i am truly saddened by the fact that i have to quote Osama bin laden but...) America toppled its old poppet to replace it with a new one. this is the danger of what we are facing: to accept the very mediocre in the absence of the extra ordinary or what lots of us call, justice.

"if someone steals, cut their hands; if someone kills; kill them: an eye for an aye"!

by my calculations, after September 11 2001 America had to kill 3,000 terrorists -- or 6000, if you take into consideration the number of pairs of eyes that perished in the hands of the killers -- to get even! (QESSAS)

but instead, now we have 100,000 Innocent civilians. it make the horrible Qessas a moot concept, dosen't it?

in the absence of a real candidate we have to vote for Kerry (if we don't believe the Republican Party's agenda of course) we accept Khatami as the alternative to the Islamic Republic, a partial pull-out of the West Bank instead of giving the Palestinians their true rights, etc.

these are strange times we are living in. we all have real fundamental questions to answer and sides to choose. my only real thought is that if i have to choose the mediocre in the absence of what i really believe, i do it with the thought that i have to find a way to get to the real thing. i have to admit though, i am tired of going for the mediocre.

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