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America is our big hope
Iran has become like a patient whose immune system has ultimately failed to cope with a deadly tumor

Omid Parsi
February 7, 2005

A thousand years ago, primitive bedouin tribes from the Arabian peninsula set out to loot central asia. They succeeded and that is how the Islamic "identity" of Persians came about: like a disease transmitted through rape.

It is hard to imagine that almost 500 years into the age of elightenment, the modern world rapechildren of that ancient conquest are still clueless as to how their "identity" along with their endemic wretchedness and self-loathing all began. And it goes from shameful to farcical to consider that this "cultural identity" of zealously loving your lowly ancient rapist is still thriving after more than half a century of forced and accelerated modernization led by the likes of Ataturk and Reza Khan.

Let's face the facts: An American bid to overthrow the Hezbollah is the best hope for Persians to rid themselves of the brutal rule of the Islamist mafia and begin to redeem themselves by undoing the shameful "identity" forced onto them by Arab conquerers.

As much as every enlightened and patriotic Iranian would like to see change come from "within", they would be ultimately foolish to think that there is any hope of that on the horizon.

The ideal of "inevitable" change from within is essentially a discredited Marxist dogma. It is time to get over it, especially when the amazingly ambitious Islamist thugs are racing to possess a launchable nuke or two becaue they have guessed, correctly, that it is the only way for them to maybe seal their eternal "legitimacy" and threaten their way into international "repectability".

Iran has become like a patient whose immune system has ultimately failed to cope with a deadly tumor. There remains only one treatment: surgery followed by chemotherapy... There may be fear but no shame in that.

I can't imgine how a liberating occupation by a Western superpower today can be any worse than the repression and wretchedness that Persians have suffered under the rule of Hezbollah. What is the alternative?

The irony is that if the purpose of a hypothetical Western invasion were to achieve the outcome of the Arab conquest of a thousand years ago, in a few decades our "identity" would be based on Gap and MTV and, sadly enough, we would be still better off for it!

So far the lame political opposition of our secular intelligentsia has resembled playing chess with a retarded thug who over and over again has pulled out a knife at any hint of a checkmate.

Iraqis are fortunate to have worldly activist intelligentsia such as Chalabi and Allawi who at least understood enough not to pin their hopes for change to come from "within" a fully incapacitated populace. If there are any enlightened counterparts among the Iranian intelligentsia they are yet to raise their head.

In the 26 years that Iranians have tolerated and at times tried in vain to passively "resist" the rule of Islamic mafia, they have only become ever more hopelessly isolated, repressed, and incapacitated. There is indeed little hope for a nation that for too long has pinned its hope on "voting" the gun-toting bearded Hezbollah thugs out of power.

Iranians have done little but try "dialogue" as a means to "convince" the Hezbollah to open up and perhaps kindly "step aside". They once naively and desperately bought into the Good cop/Bad Cop political farce of Khatami versus the "supreme spiritual leader" as if there ever was a true opportinity for real "reform"!

While many poor developing nations have made great progress and surged ahead, the Hezbollah has all but destroyed Iran's once undisputable potential as a great and prosperous nation. Young Iranians, two thirds of the whole nation, deserve a chance to build decent lives more than the wretchedness that is afforded by the occasional trickle-down from the oil loot.

I do worry about the fate of our families and the harm that could befall our people and our country as a result of foreign military action to overthrow the mullahs. But everyone who undergoes surgery must accept a cut. Unfortunately, there is no more time for cowardly excuses instead of making necessary sacrifices.

Our present state is the result of our own collective ignorance and misadventure and we should bear enough responsibility for it not to reject outside help to at least partly make up for it. An outside bid for regime change will have essentially relieved us from our present incapacity to do the same by ourselves.

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