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What's wrong with us?
What have we been doing wrong as a nation for so long? As if married to the wrong men suffering every day


Natalie Esfandiari
June 23, 2005 unedited

When you listen into Iranian people on a day of election there is something unreal about it all as if we are all moving objects in Dali's paintings of time. People fantasizing almost LSD-like visions of democracy as if hallucinating effect of the temporary freedom on our people lasts one election day.

I can not get it more right by comparing it with a Halloween night, which once a blue moon you wear your masks and walk among your country men and women, not knowing anybody any more, in a game of pretend, wishing no one to recognize your inner most fear, the truth.

What if a ground hog day event happens in this so called election day till it becomes true and real? What have we been doing wrong as a nation for so long? As if married to the wrong men suffering every day of hell and keeping our cheeks red by slapping ourselves politically so we won't feel the shame imposed upon us? What psychological wrong are we caught up with that we suffer and make no change?

What is wrong with our youth, seeing no worth in themselves to fight for a change, and being fooled by titles like Eslaah-talab? What changes became us in past eight years but more financial hardships, more addicts of our people and more prostitute of our children's? Is it true that we have more than a million people affected by Aids in a hush hush underground Iran?

Are we a great nation because we had history? Or are we a mask of the past weary by times for lack of imaginations took the clergy man as the bogyman? it is not our fault that one repressive regime or reign comes and lead us to deeper mud one after another?

We have blamed every one but ourselves, haven't we? Had no luck with religion, politics, philosophy, talent, imagination, culture and leaderships in recent history, hey yes "down with the America" seems just right to get us going. All the problems that Iranian in all aspects of life are facing is due to the fact that there is a country like west, so west like USA that we Iranian for some reason picked to hate as our enemies to our national heritage, religion and size!

We blame our lack of knowledge to American imperialist for their medicine and their science that we detest, and we hate their technologies, and managements, and their expertise. Because we are the chosen one by god himself to carry his revolution to free the world from progress?

Yes we are anti progress. We should be anti something in Iran. It is very difficult for any Islamic nation to be for friendship, compassion, kindness, love, forgiveness, learning, wisdom, and anything that resembles civility of some sort.

No we are for nothing, a nihilist in our depth, a pessimist culture. without worry of our doomed future as long as there is some oil to pay the bills, and thieves to manage the minimums of life. happy new president every one, may no reversal of fortune comes our ways.

What? Not voting and let the Rafsanjani become the president again? Are you out of your mind? Our young people have no sense of future? Their realities are senseless and short-lived little things of happiness, underprivileged by times and circumstances that opens no way to future while they watch it on TV and internet that the world is changing and growing fast right under their wings. indeed was it Entekhabat or Halloween?

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