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Unusual activities
Atomic pride and human rights

Sohrab Ferdows
April 3, 2006\

After years of ignoring human rights and oppression of Iranian people by ruling clergies in Tehran, a representative of Islamic republic in UNSC claims that nuclear activities of the regime in Iran is a matter of national pride. Even though story of national pride by officials of Islamic government in Iran may sound very credible to outsiders but it is a very familiar tale for Iranians. To understand how credible this claim can be, one should have a glance at the behaviors and positions taken by ruling clergymen towards Iranianís national interests and issues during the past 27 years.

After Islamic revolution, it did not take very long for rulers of Islamic regime to issue statements indicating how they felt towards Iranians cultural, social and historical values which they considered in contradiction with Islamic identity that they preferred for the nation. In their view, anything that linked Iranians to their non-Islamic past or was a reminder of previous system in the country was unworthy of respect. In the beginning days of Islamic regime, they volunteered to change the historical name of Persian Gulf to Islamic gulf in order to display disrespect towards historical heritage of Iranian nation.

The attack on symbols of Iranians national pride or history did not stop there and during the days and months after declaring the new name for Persian Gulf, different high ranking members of Islamic revolutionary leadership spoke with utmost disrespect about ancient Iranians cultural traditions and national festivals and the people who valued them. This issue enraged Iranians so much that celebrating national festivals like Chahar-shanbeh-soori, in a more serious fashion, became a symbol of resistance against the attacks on Iranian culture.

In exchange for Iranian traditional festivals, oratories to promote martyrdom, dedication to Islamic revolution and expansionism of Islamic revolutionary ideology became the order of the day. After break out of the war with Iraq, Islamic regimeís supreme leader at that time found it a gift from Allah and the war was used to prepare the grounds for brutal repression of any opposing movement in the name of Islam.

After pushing Iraqis forces out of Iranian territory, mullahs refused to accept a peace deal in which pre-war borders would be respected and war damages would be paid to Iran. Instead, they decided to drain all national resources to continue an aimless war while justifying it to reach Beyt-ol-moghadas through Karbala! Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent to feed the war machine and satisfy all kinds of big and small mullahs who had become very active as deal brokers in the field of military supplies.

In continuation of anti Iranian policies of Islamic regime, it was not very long ago that one of their representatives in a visit to Egypt, made insulting remarks about Cyrus the Great who is a widely respected historical figure of Iran. Less than a year ago another issue came to light that Islamic regime had given approval to a dam project in Pasargad region without considering the effects on historical sites dating back to Achamenid era of Persian Empire in that area. This matter caused a lot of concerns and still is being monitored by many observers who have interest in Iranian and the world historical heritage.

There are ample amount of issues that could be raised to indicate how leaders of Islamic regime have treated their own people and manipulated religious and nationalist sentiments of Iranians in order to achieve what they had in their own minds. It is no mystery to Iranians that national interests have always been the least important on the agendas of Islamic republic rulers during the past 27 years. After compromising security of the nation in continuing unwanted and unnecessary war with Iraq and sending hundreds of thousands of Iranians to be killed and maimed in the battle fields, Islamic rulers, with absolute disregard for territorial integrity of Iran and with full incompetence, gave away a huge portion of Iranís share in Caspian Sea to northern neighbors.

The policies of Islamic regime in Iran has been full of dishonesty and deceit regarding national issues while they are committed to serve special interest groups of people who have a hand in different sectors of this regime. Stirring up ethnic and religious differences has always been used by Islamic leaders in Iran to justify their anti nationalistic policies and suppress any democratic movement in the name of protecting the religion which is considered their domain. In this direction, Islamic regime has contributed in many atrocities against Iranians through mobs of extremists and even their own notorious ministry of information.

Islamic regime although successful in rallying people behind itself in the beginning by taking advantage of their religious feelings, has lost all credibility among big majority of Iranians since a long time ago. They have been resorting lies and dishonesty to conceal their anti nationalist agendas and to buy support from foreign extremist groups with generous payments while keeping at least 40% of the nation below poverty in a country that is considered one of the major crude oil exporters in the world.

These days, leaders of Islamic regime in Iran need to link the Iranian national pride with their nuclear ambitions to rally the people in support of their nuclear cause. These leaders who never paid respect to Iranians and their national pride, and have used any opportunity to insult them and disregard their national interests, are now trying to treat the world community in the same way.

After hiding the true intentions behind their nuclear activities for more than twenty years, and against their commitment to international treaties, Islamic rulers recently made astonishing remarks about wiping out another member state of United Nations from the face of the earth. A combination of unorthodox behaviors by Islamic regime has resulted in taking the matter to UN Security Council to face the reaction of the world. The outcome of process in Security Council is not going to be pleasant for Iranian people whose national interests have been ignored by ruling clerics for decades.

Speaking of national pride in this situation by representatives of a regime which its leaders carry a symbol of other nations on their attire and during their daily public appearances, like many other claims of Islamic regime, holds no truth to it. Iranian people who have been partly pushed and partly deceived by their Islamic leaders with war mongering slogans during Iran-Iraq war to get to Ghods through Karbala, have paid a heavy price for it and now their national pride is being invoked for nuclear satisfaction of the same leaders.

Unusual nuclear activities by Islamic regime has convinced many that they are trying to achieve the ability to make nuclear bombs so they could use it as a bargaining chip if their anti human right policies become an issue in their relations with free world. Islamic regime has strong links with terrorist groups which will give them a big leverage in their final battle with the rest of the world at least in short term. This may not affect the outcome of the conflict ultimately but will certainly increase the cost of it for Iranian people. One day Iranians religious belief and another day their national pride becomes an excuse for engagement in hostility with other nations. In fact, it has always been Islamic regime itself which needs a crisis for its continuity and nothing else.

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Sohrab Ferdows

Sohrab Ferdows


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