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Westollahis and Hezbollahis
We see and condemn the crimes committed by both sides



Bruce Roshanravan
August 22, 2006

This is my response to all mullah lovers and all the blind lovers of the west whose hate of one evil (mullahs) have pushed them to the arms of another one (west and Israel) or vice-versa. These people are the two sides of the same counterfeit coin. The unwise friend wannabes who never heisted to sell their conscience, nationality, identity or religion to the highest bidder.

These sorts of people have a short span of memory and never have the courage to look deep into any problem and find its real cause and roots, in case they might find something they do not like to admit or take responsibility for. They never take their own personal responsibility.

Like the Hezbollahis who are consumed by the obsession of going to heaven by becoming a martyr, where they would drink from rivers of honey and milk or shag virgins at will, the Westollahis dream of living in Hollywood movies, having many blond bimbos as their sex partners and loosing their identity by becoming an "equally accepted" western citizen. Well guys and girls dream on!!!!!

Both these types of people live in cloud coo-coo land and have no concept of the real world. They refuse to open their eyes and see what the followers and the leaders of their idol states or religion are doing to the rest of the world and what crimes they commit under the name of God or liberty

I can talk and talk about the conspiracies of the west, how they planed the Islamic fundamentalism and how they profited from it for two decades. I can point them to the confessions of people of Dr Bazargan and Mr Bani Sadr who where the co-conspirators of the west in all these. I can ask them to read the memoirs of General Huyser (an American) when he was planning this conspiracies in Iran I can even point them to the interviews of Mr Rafsanjani right after the McFarlane and Iran Contra affair but at the end of the day they would believe what they want to believe.

I can tell them about the foundation of Israel and Balfore Declaration and how it was forcefully and unjustly planted in the region just over 80 years ago or about the occupation and ethnic cleansing that was committed by Israeli Government and army in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine or other countries in the Middle East. I can tell them about the 1967 war and all the UN resolutions that have been discarded by US and Israel. But they would come up with their own petty excuses. Well you know what? Any action of war crime and even holocaust had its army excusers.

The sad part is that these people really believe that the governments of west really give a damn about them or what is happening in their country. They think that after finishing with Lebanon and Iraq the west is going to stop and it would not be their turn next. They think that west is willing to pay them a fair price for their natural recourses such as oil, gas and coal or will let them prosper and benefit from their countries assets. Such childish dreams.

All I can do is to point them into the direction of truth but I cannot make them to accept it. I can tell them that until the last drop of our oil the west keeps conspiring and interfering in our affairs and after it all ran out then they will leave us to starve to death as they did with Africa. But do they accept? I seriously doubt it. After all one can take a mule to the water hole but cannot make it drink

It never fails to amaze that how often in order to appose one extreme view, people do not hesitate even for a moment to take an extreme stand themselves

Whenever I tried to reason with this type of people and point them to the flaws in their logic and argument, all I got back was personal insult and accusations, angry reaction and denial. Just like their Hezbollahi counterparts. I guess the only reason they do not get a gun to come and kill me or put me in prison is that they do not have the power to do so, other wise they are no different.

So I thought it might be worth it to explain my self once and for all, to these types of people.

The fact that I, and people like me resent western GOVERNMENTS (AND NOT THE PEOPLE) and their actions has noting to do with our agreement or disagreement with Islam, mullahs or the regime in Tehran and their partners.

We are against criminal activities by anyone. I wish you could get it through tick scull that raising objections to the inhuman policies of the government of Israel and the blind western support for it, could not and should not be interpreted to anti-Semitism.

May be in your puny racist mind .you regard Arabs or Palestinians and Lebanese as subhuman. But in our book they are equal members of human society who have the same right to choice of religion, freedom, economic prosper and security, as the Americans, Iranians or the Israelis and yes they have every right to defend themselves against a savage occupying army when ever applicable.

For us the right of a Palestinian Lebanese or African child is no less than the ones of his/her American, Iranian or European counterpart.

In our view a murderer is a murderer regardless of whether he is in a dirty turban sitting in a cave in Afghanistan or in an Armani suit sitting in the White House, and a bomb is a bomb regardless of it being carried by a suicide bomber or dropped from a ten million dollar airplane.

We refuse to close our eyes to over 400 years history of atrocity looting conspiracy and suppression by the west and their cronies in the region, and all the artificial glamour, Hollywood movies or pop singers and blond bimbos in the world cannot make us look the other way.

You might feel obligated to select between the West and Mullahs but we refuse to choose between two evil. In our eyes they are one and the same.

Looking back 27 years, we can clearly remember the western conspiracies that led to the Islamic revolution. We remember the unholy alliance between Osama Bin Laden and the CIA and yes we remember all those conventional and unconventional weapons that were sold by the west to Saddam Hussein in order to enable him to kill our people in an unprovoked attack. Even today we can see that when ever it suits their economical and political interest the west is prepared to look the other way and do not hesitate disregard all their slogans for the human right of people in the region, by putting aside their differences and making deals such as the Caspian sea oil pipeline with the mullahs or their like.

The fact that today they seem to be at each other troughs is merely relevant or of any significant comparing to their past illegitimate affairs.

You may believe that the "enemy of your enemy is a friend", but to us as we look back at their reputation and their misconducts of the past, they are just another enemy in disguise who will not hesitate to sell us round the next corner.

Unlike you, we do not think that our savoir is sitting at the White House and do not keep waggling our tail for a piece of their scrap left over.

It might be true in case of you people that your hate of the criminal mullahs has led you to a blind and indiscriminate hate of Islam and all Muslims around the world but it certainly is not where we stand.

As we chose to distinguish between the great religion of Judaism or a great nation (Jews) who gave the rest of the world a lesson in unity triumph and defiant, on one hand, and the criminal behaviours of the Israeli government or the illegitimacy of its foundation on the other. In the same way we chose to distinguish between the great religion of Islam which inspired our great poets and scholars such as Sa'di, Hafez Molavi, Abu Ali Sina and many others and is practiced by the majority of people of Iran, and the criminal behaviour of a few sell out mullahs and their cronies who are abusing Islam as their tool of suppression.

Although I am sure that it is beyond your level of comprehension but at least you should try to understand that skepticism and objection to the behaviour of criminals in Tel Aviv, Washington or London is by no mean the same as being anti-Semite or being the enemy or jealous of western people, their culture or achievements.

It might be your opinion to regard Muslims, Arabs or other people such as the Nation of Lebanon as unworthy sub humans who deserve what ever they get, but certainly it is not ours. We are the suns and daughters of Cyrus the Great who issued the first declaration of human right and hence we do regard every human life as precious and every person as deserving respect and a fair chance and opportunity to succeed and improve regardless of their nationality, race or religion.

You might choose to take a biased view and ignore all the crimes committed by one side and burry your head in sand while your bare ass is pointing high to the sky, wide open and ready to be taken by opportunists such as Bush, Blair, Olmert, Khamenei or Ahmadinejad, but we refuse participate in such humiliating and stupid behaviour. We see and condemn the crimes committed by both sides and also remember the scale of their crime as well and hold it to their face when they claim to be the champions of human right and liberty.

Finally with regard to the present situations in our beloved country although we hold both Mullahs and the west responsible for their crimes and conspiracies, but we do not forget our own responsibility as a nation for being naïve enough to let them succeed. Furthermore we do believe that our salvation would come from our own action when we start to correct our errors and work hard toward rebuilding our motherland and not from Washington, London or God's heaven.

But I guess at the end of the day all I can do is to tell you the truth the way it is. You can deny it you can turn it, you twist it, you can misinterpret it, you can even throw it back at my face but one thing that I assure you that you can not do is to change it or hide from it and in the end it will come back to get you right in the forehead, like a stray bullet, whether you like it or not. Comment

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Bruce Roshanravan



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