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Iran, the ultimate challenge?
A pre-emptive attack becomes a, more possible acceptable, solution as each day passes



Sohrab Ferdows
February 9, 2006

Finally, the days of bargaining with Islamic regime of Iran is getting close to an end and the prospect of finding a solution to satisfy the concerns of free world regarding nuclear ambitions of ruling clerics in Iran is fading away very fast. In the meantime, Iranian theocracy which has appointed its new president and started a new Islamic parliament in last years, with totally new attitude, has wasted no time in hardening their grip on power inside the country through renewal of extreme suppressive policies against Iranian people.

Eight years of presidency of Mr. Khatami, had created an illusion of possibility for civilized communication with Islamic regime of Iran and force them to take constructive position towards issues like supporting international terrorism, human rights and nuclear program. At the same time, the main elements of Islamic regime, conveniently, continued their work in the same direction as before while using an apparently moderate government as cover. After organizing conventions for terrorist groups of Middle East and providing them with hundreds of millions of dollars in funds and training inside Iran, Islamic regime created it's own suicide bomber divisions from male and female volunteers during last year, in prediction of upcoming confrontations.

Revelation of information regarding clandestine operations of Islamic regime in order to gain ability to manufacture nuclear weapons should have had not left any doubt in anyone's mind that, the rulers of this tyrannical system can never be trusted with their written agreements, let alone their words in a civilized negotiation! It took many months to exhaust all options in order to convince rulers of Islamic regime to comply with legitimate concerns of civilized world about their nuclear ambitions. During all this time, Islamic regime continued their tactic of delay and deceit to complete their nuclear project while Iranian people continued to suffer under suppression and poverty.

Israeli bombers destroyed Iraqi nuclear reactor around Baghdad during Iran-Iraq war, out of fear of being attacked. Saddam's rhetoric against Israel made it reasonable for them to perform their pre-emptive attack and remove the reason for concern. Later missile attacks on Israel by Saddam made it clear that, it was only a matter of time until Iraqi bombs would fall on Israeli cities! Today, we have a regime in Iran which it's president, openly calls for annihilation of Israel, a member state of UN, while world has not forgotten the comments by powerful cleric, Rafsanjani in Friday prayer, regarding how a single nuclear bomb would destroy Israel and at the same time, Israel could only destroy one city of Iran with it's bomb! These are the views of Islamic tyrannical rulers in Iran!

What should Iranian people do to save their country of possible unspeakable damage in this confrontation between the Islamic regime and the rest of the world?

Recent weeks, we have been witnessing brave actions by a group of public transportation workers demanding their basic rights from brutal government. Reaction of Islamic regime came as no surprise and labors movement faced brutal crack down by government which resulted in many arrests and beating of workers and their family members including children.

Islamic republic rulers are doing their best to put Iran and the region on the path towards a crisis in order to rally Iranians and others in support of their cause and they are working hard to make it an Islamic issue. When the Islamic Pandora box was opened about 30 years ago by creation of first Islamic republic state in Pakistan, no one would imagine anything more than fortifying that region of the world against aggressive communism which was expanding fast. Events of 1978-79 in Iran and the sudden turn of direction of society from secularism towards extreme religious sentiments was considered a huge blessing for the free world in the beginning. It caused a lot of excitement among Muslim population and a big shock to others, all around the world including southern Muslim states of Soviet Union which were considered future key allies against Soviet empire.

Today, after passing of 28 years from that time, we are standing at a point where terrorism and senseless brutalities have become a trade mark for Islamic idealists to create a new Islamic world! Ambitions of Islamic republic leaders in Iran to achieve the technology to manufacture nuclear bombs and the means to deliver that far away, has become one of the biggest challenges of our time. Western nations who have been trying to show respect for their own democratic values and play by the rules, became weary of having to deal with the octopus of Islamic republic from which, they hear and see all kinds of contradictory statements and actions all the time and getting no where!

Islamic republic rulers in Iran, with plenty of oil money at their exposal, have been able to take advantage of mistakes made by western nations in Afghanistan and Iraq in order to affect the public opinions in the world through a propaganda war. Western nations and Israelis, which their existence has been directly challenged by the president of Islamic regime in Iran, have reached a point where they have no choice but to confront Islamic regime in defense of their values and even their own existence. A pre-emptive attack becomes a, more possible acceptable, solution as each day passes but nobody seems to know exactly how many nuclear installations Islamic regime has!

In the middle of all of this, Iranian people have chosen to wait and see how Islamic regime will handle the situation while government backed militia and ministry of information are making sure no one will make any move against their wishes! After so much ignorance by the west towards the issues in Iran, this is the most uncertain times that world has faced since the end of cold war but ultimately, it will be mostly Iranians who will pay for it dearly, if they do not act on their own behalf to take back what is rightfully theirs!

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