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True health
Is humanity ready to rise above thought?



Mali Naghavi
January 6, 2006

It never ceases to amaze me how cavalier we have become with regard to our own bodies. We humans have invented electricity, airplane, and satellite, have discovered the secrets of atom, and unraveled the genetic code. Human ingenuity appears to have no limits. We have managed to change everything except ourselves. Despite all of our knowledge, all our civilizations and technology, as species, we do not know how to control ourselves. Equally we seem incapable of living peacefully with one another, nature, and the world around us.

Our civilizations have solely focused on mastering our external environment, on subduing nature. The result has been a huge increase in ecological problems, and toxicity which has polluted the environment as well as our bodies. This has in turn slowed down the spiritual development of our personalities and numbed our intuition and dulled the sharpness of our senses.

We are in an era of spiritual crisis. We have pushed ourselves away from nature and have ignored the laws of harmonious development. We are paying the price now. Many of our modern diseases physical and psychological stem from alienation from nature. We are out of touch with our world, out of touch with other people, and out of touch with our intrinsic selves. We have become lazy assuming that doctors and psychologists will solve our problems. We do not realize that no one can be cured without direct participation in one's own healing.  

True health starts from strong belief in one's unlimited possibilities and inherent resources. We have to become actively involved in our own healing and discover our own spiritual resources. This is not a simple task and may become quite a difficult challenge since it involves re-thinking one's entire way of life, making profound changes in one's habits and life style, inner dialog, and perception of external events.

We live in a culture in which we believe there is a pill for every symptom. We have pills to dull every negative emotion that begs us to pay attention. What we do not understand is that true healing lies within. Our intuition can do much more. By activating our inner healing powers, our intrinsic selves can empower us to become true healers to ourselves in every way.

On the other hand we are equally capable of programming ourselves into helplessness, into sickness, and into dis-empowerment. While there is no universal purpose for life except the life itself, a purpose of life may be discovery of harmonious attitude towards life and nature. Happiness happens when people find their place in life and resonate harmoniously with their external world. But most of us are running after a ghost life.  The state of inner harmony is a fragile thing and one that is very much affected by internal and external influences. One needs to identify these influences and learn how to master them.

The whole world is calling on us to take a more spiritual way of life. Yet, it is impossible to talk about spiritual evolution until we have cleansed ourselves from inside out, and liberated ourselves from unbalanced style of living. A musician can hardly express his/her art on a badly tuned instrument. Until we bring our bodies into order, it can not be the instrument of our spirit.

It is hard for us to accept new ways of looking at things and new ways of being. We are so conditioned by the society in which we live, specifically in the last hundred years to achieving economic goals. This has been a big trap for us. There are many pressures on us to sacrifice self-development at the altar of material success. Under these conditions, jobs, housing, and acquisition of material benefits have claimed an unhealthy dominance over our lives.

Governments have found it easier to control and direct a world driven by materialism rather than encouraging individuals to become self-realized and in tune with their real needs and desires. Ultimately, more and more of us are concluding that holding a purely materialistic view of the world is a dead end. We all crave a richer and more fulfilling experience of life but we do not recognize the energy essence of it. As a result we are in a prison of our own making and as we seek control over our lives we rush from cell to cell in false bid for freedom.

Unless we realize the importance of energy in ourselves and in the world, we will fail to find the door to real freedom. The next email is designated to discovery of the operation and energy essence of ego.

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