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World cup

How could any country do this to another?
Ban Iran from the World Cup?! Politics should never be allowed into a sporting event. NEVER!



Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari
January 17, 2006

When I heard that various countries were trying to block Iran from playing in the World Cup, I first got mad, then disappointed, then just totally disgusted.

My thought was Didn't they allow the Germans to play in the Olympics in World War II when they had done a lot worse then the president of Iran has? So how could they do this? Then I realized what it was all about: power and money.

Politics should never be allowed into a sporting event. NEVER! We all know the players may have their nationalistic feelings but they put these aside (to a point) so they can play a game they love. They want to be on that field playing the game.

They don't want politicians telling them who they can play and who they can't. This is the moment in their lives that they strive for. They don't need to be held back because of some political game being played behind the scenes. We don't need the drama. I am sure when the games begin there will be enough of that.

At least FIFA as stuck with what their slogan says 'Fair Play'. I think I can say it as well as everyone else:

Thank you FIFA for not allowing anyone to dictate the terms on which the game can be played. Thank you for sticking to your belief that no one should change what was rightfully earned by the various countries that have made it to the World Cup. You are truly staying by your slogan and all of us 'football' fans appreciate it!

Why must they try to take away something everyone enjoys? Do they really think that this will change anyone's opinion? No government will change their minds because of this. Just allow the games to be played, allow a moment to relax and enjoy yourself.

Let the teams play as they are supposed to play. If you must argue and discuss all of your political meanderings, please keep them out of the game. They have no place here where the games are played fairly. Allow the games to be played without any hindrance.

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