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Yaashaasoon Azarbaijan
Or why should Azarbeijan secede and become independent


June 8, 2006

No, I am not a zealot Azari being offended by Soosk cartoon. I am a full-blooded, if there is such a thing, Persian also laughing at C. Elmira’s diatribe. Which is exactly why I advocate the secessation of Azarbaijan.

Our Iran has been under the yoke of the Turks for the past 900 years. We have suffered innumerous defeats against the Turks. They have been ruling brutally all these years. The only non-Turkic rulers in the past 900 years were Karim Khane Zand and the the Pahlavis. Turks have penetrated most of the Iranian society. More than half of active army and police are Turks. Simply because they are hard-working smart people. Hats off to them.

Nevertheless, Turks are NOT Iranian. We were enemies in the Pre-Islamic era. Powerful Iranian armies kept them at bay during all this time. Only after the power vacuum created by the Arab invasion, did the Turks could move westward. It is interesting to note that Babak, the Azari National Hero, was tricked and captured by a Turkic Prince Afshin!

The Site of the Tabriz University had once hosted a long essay by Ahmad Kasravi, an Azari himself but proud Iranian nonetheless, vividly describing how Turkic tribes moved westward and settled in Azarbaijan and through years of fighting between these tribes, the local Iranian population dwindled and became Turkic. I haven’t been able to locate the article again. It should be a must-read for all Iranians.

Whether today’s Azaris are Turks or just Turkish speaking, one thing has become clear in all these years: They are conquerors of our land and never part of it. Anybody interested in more details should refer to books by Mir Fetroos or simply read the history books more carefully. Review the Safavid dynasty, check Nader Shah. The Ghajars are really beyond the pale! They lost a huge portions of the country and couldn’t care less.

I can’t recall where I read the story of the Russian’s capturing and annexing vast swathes of land north of Khorasan. The ruling Ghajar wasn’t bothered. He wrote to his mother: The Ghajars have enough for their horses and sheep herds (naghle be mazmoon)! He was the ruler of an occupied country. This wasn’t his homeland, he simply didn’t give a damn.

Isn’t it bizarre, to say the least, that the very same people who have been oppressing Iranians now claim being oppressed?! Dear Azaris, you have occupied and been running this country for the past 900 years. You have destroyed our heritage, and now we are the oppressors??!! Has anyone ever wondered why the Iranians are so distrustful of each other? Except the Azaris? My theory: divide and rule. The Turks being the rulers divided the masses of Iranian stock.

Now it is time that we each go our separate ways. Borders are not sacred. Human lives are. I love Iran, but shedding blood doesn’t keep it together or prosperous. Without the Turks, we the Aryan Iranians, Kurds, Baluchis, Persians etc, could start rebuilding our nation and our pride after 1400 years of humiliation and destruction. And may the Azaris be prosperous and happy too in their newly independent Republic of Azabaijan or whatever it shall be called. A smaller but free country is a much better alternative to a larger one but under foreign occupation.

In that spirit: Yaahaasoon Azarbaijan!

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