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Mad in Iran vs Made in Iran
A Mickey Mouse that rants regularly is very handy. And that is why we have such a buffoon in charge in Iran


Ali Mostofi
May 15, 2006

It is really quite ironic to finally see an American admit to "Thinking Outside the Iran Box" (Jim Hoagland in the Washington Post). Blimey, for how long have all of us, who live outside US, have said about the US's two-faced policies with the mullahs. All the US Treasury Department has to do, is to act on the info it has, and bingo the mullahs are out. A list of all the companies that do business with the US and Iran is readily available. All the US Treasury needs to do is to give a warning to those companies about doing business with the Islamists in Iran.

Back to the future
But let's just go back to the moment when the Shahanshah left Iran. He was deemed to be a threat to the world, because he was developing his military too quickly to the future. At that time Israel and the Arabs thought just like now, that the nuclear technology will get out of hand. Suddenly the world media lost all memory of Iran program to jump into the future. Now here was a country that had decided to get out of the medieval times.

Mad in Iran
So look beyond the Shahs, Mullahs or Whoever. The fact is that this is the 21st Century version of conquering a country. Keep the people of the country bemused by silly political showmanship. One day it is Shah and Carter, then it is Bush and Ahmadinejad. What does it matter? Keep the people in Iran mad. Get them all caught up with some dogma that will keep them isolated, but more importantly, such that they are seen as mad. The last thing that the US wants is for Iran to return to "good old times of the Shah". Can you imagine what would happen to the property market in LA for a start? No, the US was made by brain draining the world, and all Iranian brains are destined to go to the US.

Made in Iran
The counter voice inside me say, "But the point is that Iran is a power house. It has the magnificent mix of young people, lots of natural resources, and the best real estate on Earth. If you are no good at geography, just take a look at the planet, and you will see that Iran is at the cross roads of civilization." Cool, ok, good argument, but the last thing that the major companies in the world want is a whole bunch of goods Made in Iran, which are better and cheaper than Made in Japan, Made in China, Made in USA, or Made in EU. So they will support a government in Iran, that does not allow bright young minds to grow and prosper in Iran. If you are an American, look at eBay, from which heart do you that idea came from? So the US government will just make sure that Iran has a government that does not allow prosperity for its people.

Red Alert vs Can Do
But that's not all the world's major powers want. They have invested so much in their military that they just cannot suddenly tear it all down. So a Mickey Mouse that rants regularly is very handy. And that is why we have such a buffoon in charge in Iran. All the world wants from Iran are cheap raw materials, and some reason for the superpowers to keep their military on red alert. The last thing they want is another economically advanced nation that has its own multinational companies with superior quality goods made in Iran, with the "can do" attitude of Good Thoughts Good Words and Good Deeds.


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