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Lighten up? Are you kidding?
Incompetent remarks about how to address the situation in the Middle East are dangerous

Nahal Zamani
April 23, 2007

Dear John McCain,

During your visit to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina on April 18, you responded to an audience member's question about when the US would send an "Airmail message (bombard) to Tehran", by singing "bomb bomb bomb Iran".

Later you defended your comments while in Nevada: "Please, I was talking to some of my old veterans friends," you stated, "My response is, Lighten up and get a life."

Later when asked if your joke was insensitive, you responded with "Insensitive to what? The Iranians?'

Actually yes, it was insensitive. To Iranians. As well as Americans, and I would venture anyone that is concerned about our future. Would we think it was appropiate if a presidential candidate running in Iran were to make a joke about bombing the United States? Of course not. Which is why your comments are so innapropriate.

Incompetent remarks about how to address the situation in the Middle East are dangerous. You had a great opportunity to reply to the question posed to you, and the occasion to speak to fellow veterans about viable solutions to a chaotic mess.

You could have spoken about Iran's pivotal role in world politics. You could have talked about America's actions in the Middle East. You could have even talked about what had happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, and ventured to guess the effects of similar actions in Iran.

Additionally Mr. McCain, it is not time to lighten up. Between two crazy presidents (Bush and Ahmadinejad) pumping nationalist fists in order to mask their insane and ideological causes, it is not the time to make brash, insensitive, and careless comments. Lightening up is a luxury that we cannot afford. Because war is serious. Dropping bombs on people is serious. Sending thousands of soldiers to to kill poorer soldiers in other nations is serious. I'm sure that anyone returning from Iraq would argue that their experience was serious as well. I'm sure that your war experiences were serious as well.

How about sending our nation's boys and girls to kill other boys and girls? How about addressing the medical and social needs of American soldiers as they return to the States and attempt to continue their lives? What about the absolute chaos that exists in Iraq today, and discussing ways to communicate with Iran and avoid similar results?

We've already seen the detrimental effects of brash decision making, and as a presidential candidate, you must demonstrate that you are able to remain collected, and diplomatic. Even when you are amongst your cronies. I want a president that is able to talk objectively about issues, and not just adapt his tune to amuse his audience on that particular night.

The reality of being a president is that you don't just follow others, or make stupid remarks. You gather information to make the best decisions possible, while considering your consituents and the effects of your actions. I believe that your comments did not consider the information available, did not consider your constituents, and most certainly you did not fully assess the effects of "bombing Iran". Your words were reckless, and not exemplary of who I want to lead my country.

And Mr. McCain, I do not appreciate the comment about getting a life. I do not appreciate how you talk carelessly about taking away lives, and then counter it with a smart remark about getting one. When you talk about bombing countries, you talk about destroying them as well as threatening civilian infrastructure.

Lighten up Mr. McCain? We simply cannot. Comment

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Nahal Zamani



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