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Photo essay: London's Neal Street

Parima Shahin Moghaddam
November 5, 2006

The old warehouses of Neal Street and the surrounding areas date back to Victorian times. They have been transformed into shops and the area is now a trendy place to be, similar to Carnaby Street in the 1960's. It is a great place for alternative shopping. You can have your astrology chart made up, try on some ecologically sound clothing, enjoy a meal at a vegetarian cafe or just absorb the atmosphere. Those interested in new age and alternative thereapies should visit Neal's Yard (just off Neal Street) where you will find Neal's Yard Remedies with natural products, aromatherapy herbs, homeopathy and more. Neal's Yard also has an information centre where you can find out about alternative events happening throughout London. This area has something for everyone and is a fun place to visit. Seven Dials is a tiny junction where seven roads meet and it is a short way down Earlham Street (just off Neal's Street). A replica of a sundial monument is placed in the middle of the junction. It was erected in 1694 by Thomas Beale and Edward Pierce though was removed in 1773. It was rebuilt in 1989 an unveiled by Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.

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