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Then and now

November 10, 2004

I used to be frightened of flying.
Now I'm not.
Instead I'm scared of crossing the streets.

I liked breast,
I like thighs now, chicken that is.

I liked girls a lot.
I don't like them as madly now.

I loved cars, but I prefer to walk now.
I still like my bicycle though.

I used to cheat at some exams and get caught.
Now, I get my accountant to cheat on my tax and never get caught.

I watched very little television
I still watch very little television.

I went to lot of movies.
I still love movies but don't see as many.

I loved rock, and despised folk.
I love jazz and listen to folk now.

I was frightened of bullies at school.
Now I'm horrified at some of my thoughts.

I used to spend all of my pocket money on junk food.
Now I save most of my salary for a dream holiday.

I used to smoke and drink.
Now I only drink wine.

I used to move a lot.
Now I sit a lot.

I had many friends.
Now I have a few and a dog.

I used to give advice to people.
Now I laugh at my wisdom.

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