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Dream speech
My axis of evil State of the Union speech

September 5, 3003
The Iranian

It's January 2004 and once again I am invited to deliver my annual "State of the Union" address at a joint session of the Congress. Row after row packed with Senators and members of Congresspersons. Many familiar faces; Rodham-Clinton, Kennedy, DeLay, Pelosi, Frist, Mohammed, Wong, Flores, Nguyen, and Mohtashami, amongst others.

Miguel, my Vice President sitting behind me along with the Speaker, there are dignitaries, ambassadors and at least two heads of state upstairs watching from the galleries. I clear my throat, wait for their applause to start to die down and start...

Ms. Speaker, Vice President Rodriguez, members of Congress, distinguished guests, fellow citizens,

As I address you tonight the state of our economy is a serious tragedy, our colossal deficit is a dreadful legacy for our children, the Patriot Act ridicules some of the most primitive rights we cherish so dearly, we have invaded countries with no justification and are paying heavily for this enormous and historical mistake and in short we have turned a country that may have once presented a democratic vision into global public enemy number one.

On the international front, the United Nations -- we once labeled as " irrelevant" -- may be our saving grace and the only way out of our increasing international isolation. In the past, we have insulted and alienated many of our European allies, some of whom we owe our sovereignty to. At the same time, others we considered allies, have proven to be the main enemies of our nation's independence and liberty. These countries have demonstrated over the years that their aspirations are contrary to the ideas of freedom and global justice.

Saudi Arabia for example, is a brutal and stringent dictatorship. This is where political parties are banned, religious minorities are persecuted and women are denied their most basic rights and are not allowed to travel without permission, hold certain positions or even drive an automobile. The country ranks as one of the worst violators of basic human rights.

For years Saudi Arabia has acted as the primary sponsor of a malicious version of extremism, under the guise of religion. This behavior is not only limited to the power elite in that kingdom, but the state itself is the primary financial backer of thousands of institutions worldwide that function as cradles of terror and terrorism, disguised as charities, religious schools and places of worship.

The current government of Pakistan seized power in a military coup in October of 1999. General Pervez Musharraf's troops overthrew Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's elected government in seeking a greater role in policy for the military. Since the coup, international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch have reported on rampant and widespread abuses in the name of political "reform".

Pakistan is currently home to a growing assembly of various extremist groups, with direct and evident ties to international terrorism, such as Al-Qaeda. The country is also in possession of a growing stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, in the form of nuclear weapons. There are genuine concerns in some circles as to the accessibility to these WMD's by defiant fringe elements.

Over the past few ecades, no single country has violated and ignored more UN resolutions than the state of Israel. This is despite having hundreds of other resolutions blocked or vetoed by its friends. Israel still occupies Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese territories in contravention of principles of international humanitarian law. It has also continued to put pressure on the elected leader of the Palestinian people, in violation of elementary democratic principals.

The presence of radical fundamentalists close to circles of power in Israel is a serious security risk to its neighbors and the world. This is particularly alarming considering the country's hold on the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the region, with reports of a large program to develop and possess other WMDs.

Amnesty International has repeatedly condemned "the unlawful killings, the wanton destruction of civilian property, the deliberate obstruction of humanitarian aid" along with other violations of human rights in Israel and the territories it occupies.

Regimes like these, and their global supporters, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the global peace. By ignoring some of the most basic desires of their people for freedom and democracy, stockpiling weapons that is menacing to peace, supporting various forms of terrorism in both direct and secondary means and incorporation of religious beliefs and practices with state matters, these governments are extending their role in promoting a dogmatic and authoritarian form of politics, contrary to democratic principals.

We will make an effort to build bridges with other nations and peoples, many of them victims of our past brutality and aggression, to build a coalition of global citizens, dedicated to values we all cherish. With our new coalition, we will reduce our unnecessary military overindulge and use some of those resources to support individuals, groups and nations committed to democracy, independence, social and economical justice and peace. We intend to help the people of these countries on their path to freedom and democracy.

My message to the people of countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Israel today is simple; you can count on us as a friend and supporter. Although we will not interfere with your country's internal matters, we extend our hand in assistance, if and when you feel you may need it.

I look forward to the day the world will not need to worry about these three frightening regimes, and we can all start the process of building a better world for us and for our children.

Thank you, thank you all and may you all be blesses with health, happiness and liberty.

Thunderous applause that interrupted my speech several times, erupts into a deafening roar this time and in the midst of all the noise, suddenly there's this loud familiar music playing in the background:

Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you going to drop the bomb or not?

I recognize the tune; it's Alphaville's Big in Japan but, what? Here? In Congress? Axis? Evil?

I open my eyes. It's my alarm clock. It's 5:30 AM. Time to get up, shower, get dressed and go to work. It's just another ordinary Thursday morning. Well, just barely.

As I start to get up, I reason with myself; thank goodness it was just a dream. What responsibility, what insurgent ideas, what stupidity to think it is even remotely possible... NOBODY will ever say those words, particularly not a dreadful Eyeranian immigrant. Pay taxes but have no representation in the way they are spent. Oh well. I better hurry up. I was late for work yesterday. Can't do that twice in one week. Let's go! >>> News & politics forum

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