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December 7, 2004

Le Petit Journal was a leading illustrated news journal published in France from 1891 until WW2. It was famous for its brightly colored prints graphically depicting news events around the world as well as happenings in France. This is one of the prints these old, rare and interesting illustrated journals.

A few days only after the assassination of the King of Italy, a miserable poor wretch French tried to strike the Shah of Persia.

It was about 09:00 hrs. of that morning. The King left the Royal Palace in a coach, when a man, violently charging the agents from the crowd, climbed on the footboard of the coach, pointing a revolver against Mozaffer-ED-DIN. Luckily, a Mashal rapidly grabbed his wrist and took the gun away. The man was finally arrested by the agents and taken away from the furious crowd that wanted to tear him to pieces.

Sent by Darius Kadivar

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