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1001 laughs
Jokes collected from SMS messages and emails

March 1, 2006

The following files are collections of more than a thousand jokes in Persian. If you live in Iran you would probably know that the very first thing we do in the morning is to check the funny jokes send to us every day by SMS or email. I tried to gather and put them in a couple of collections for my friends. Then I thought maybe I could share them with readers of too. The people who have made these jokes are unknown to me. There are curse words and jokes about ethnic groups in most of them. But jokes are an important part of our folk culture and need to be recorded and preserved. So just relax and enjoy and have a happy Nowruz.

-- Jokes 1: [PDF] [Word doc]
-- Jokes 2: [PDF] [Word doc]

-- Jokes 1: [PDF] [Word doc]
-- Jokes 2: [PDF] [Word doc]

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