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The fake war
The best realistic hope for the future of the Palestinians is a partnership with Israel



January 27, 2006

WARREN, Michigan -- The war between Israel and Palestine is fake. It should have never been started in the first place and since it was, it should have been settled over 50 years ago. In the natural order of things the Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian people should be living in a peaceful, prosperous and symbiotic relationship.

Israel has the business talent, Palestine has the work force and Jordan has the land. There is no reason that their partnership shouldn't make that one of the most profitable prosperous regions of the world. By funneling Middle Eastern oil profits through their region, they could be a banking, industrial powerhouse to the benefit of all.

The perversion of this natural order was caused by the selfish ambitions of a handful of opulent dictators in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. They used the lessons taught by Mussolini and Hitler to use the Jews as scapegoats and the Palestinians as pawns for the sole purpose of securing their own illegitimate power.

The formula is simple. The dictator creates a scapegoat as a threat, then builds a security force to fight that threat and then uses the security force to oppress all internal opposition. For example: Iran's security force has killed thousands upon thousands of Iranians but I don't think it's ever killed a single Jew, which is odd since Israel is the enemy right?

Today's round of saber rattling by the Iranian regime has nothing to do with Israel. Its sole purpose is to generate nationalistic domestic support. The reality is Iran has no real use for a nuclear weapon that if was ever used would bring a vaporization of the Persian Nation. What the Mullahs desperately need is an attack by Israel or America to create a perceived "Pearle Harbor" to rally the Iranian people behind an ever-growing unpopular dictatorship.

Hamas and Hezbullah do not represent the interests of the Palestinian people but are mercenary wings of the Syrian and Iranian governments. Self-governance through free elections is a basic human right. But the Middle Eastern dictators have never offered that basic right to the Palestinians. Whenever a peace agreement is proposed that would allow Palestinians to gain their basic human rights Syria and Iran order their mercenary forces to attack and thwart the effort.

The Hamas victory in Palestine will cut off Western money and will open the window to Hamas' true masters. Do they continue Iran's and Syria's fake war while Palestinians starve or do they forge the natural peace with Israel that the Palestinian people need to prosper?

The best realistic hope for the future of the Palestinians is a partnership with Israel. If they partner with Iran, Syria or any of the other dictatorship they won't have their freedom since even the citizens of those countries are not free. The truth is that the only way to bring peace to the Palestinians is to overthrow their oppressors, the Iranian, and Syrian dictators.

One of the biggest criticisms of Israel can be made that it has not done enough to liberate its Palestinian allies from the oppression of Syria and Iran. The decapitation of the illegitimate Syrian regime on behalf of the Palestinians would be a completely moral act. A regime that uses violence to get and retain power should expect the same to end it.

I think it is important for every single person in the Middle East to remember. While you are cursing Israel, it is your dictator who is oppressing the Palestinians. The Israelis don't threaten you but your dictator sure does. Try standing in downtown Teheran or Damascus and say the same things about them that you say about Israel and see what happens.

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