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Mopping up
The death of radical Islam



January 12, 2006

WARREN, Michigan -- The war on terror has always been an ideological war between western values of individual freedom and radical Islam's values of religious tyranny. Al-Qaida's selling point was that America was weak and decadent and that Radical Islam would win because of its moral superiority.

The slaughter of innocent Muslims in the war in Iraq has shown to the entire world that Al-Qaida is nothing more that a gang of common murderous criminals. Muslims and non-Muslims alike have no choice but to see that Radical Islam is a failure. This is the ultimate victory in the war on terror. The war is won. From now on it's nothing but a mopping up exercise.

This isn't to say that Al-Qaida isn't dangerous but their objectives of world domination are now unobtainable. In the future they can only commit criminal acts which no one will ever see as righteous acts for the sake of Allah. Radical Islam as an ideal is dead.

Al-Qaida asked Muslims not to vote in the Iraqi election. 10 million Iraqis stuck their index finger in the ink and their middle finger at Al-Qaida. And the reason is that Al-Qaida is promoting a political agenda not a religious one. Their goal of a Middle East unified by Islam is for their own political ambitions not for the glory of Allah.

Zarqawi decided to kill what he sees as Muslim Shiite pawns to instigate civil war in Iraq because free Muslims don't fit into his view of Middle Eastern domination. And to justify this he and his buddies have to spin the Quran. And let's face it, for a mere mortal to spin the Quran for his own selfish ambitions is blasphemy.

America will be a driving force to bring down corrupted dictatorships and promote human rights of self-governance throughout the region. The mistakes and lack of planning in Iraq by Al-Qaida will make this job easier, along with a free Iraq. Al-Qaida won't die as easily as it's purpose did, but every criminal act it commits will keep America in the fight.

In Iran, where the Mullahs and the president still are trying to give moral CPR to a dead ideology, the end is in sight. Iran's support of terrorism is purely and demonstratively criminal. The war it wages with Israel is fake. It's only purpose is to justify Iran's security force whose sole objective is to kill Iranians not Jews. With the death of Radical Islam and the eventual unilateral disengagement by Israel from the Palestinians, Iran's Mullahs and their political puppets will be standing naked in front of an ever-increasing populace that demands freedom.

For Iran's dictators their nuclear bomb is a suicide bomb. It leaves no wiggle room for Iran's enemies to solve the problem peacefully. And while few would worry if a peaceful democratic Iran had a nuke, no one in their right mind would let the Mullahs have one. The real question now is; is Iran to be invaded or is the leadership decapitated? It's hard to imagine the status quo being in place in 5 years.

Radical Islam is dead and gangrene. Moderate Islam is gravely ill and in desperate need of an amputation. Christianity still bears the scars of the inquisition centuries ago. It may take that long for Islam to heal from the wounds Al-Qaida and Iran's Mullahs are inflicting on it but if the surgery is successful, it will heal.

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