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Ku Klux Fux
It really bothers me when I see them humiliated before the world with such a scandalous event taking place in their midst



December 20, 2006

A number of people have recently expressed their disgust and revulsion toward the Holocaust Revisionist Conference held in Tehran. With perhaps the exception of a few nutcases living in the mountains of rural Idaho, I think one would be hard pressed to find many people who would challenge the veracity of the mountains of evidence that verify the historical fact of what we have come to know as the Holocaust. 

Our illustrious president, Ahgaye Mamoon ImaWeinerJob, has taken great pride in the fact that many of the participant-scholars attending conference are foreigners.  The truth is that these so-called intellectuals, who've been feted to V.I.P. treatment as guests of the Islamic Republic, constitute a veritable Who's Who of Losers, Weirdos, Outcasts, Freaks, and Psychos. It is so f*#*&^* beyond shameful and revolting to think that this filthy gorilla has sullied the good name of the Iranian people by hosting such an utterly pathetic and contemptible symposium.

When I think of my cousins living in Iran who've grown up under the heel and lash of people like our illustrious Mr. ImaWeinerJob, three thoughts pop into my head: first, although selfish on my part, I thank Khoda for letting me be born outside of Iran; second, I pray for the well being of my relatives that are still stuck there; and third, I wonder how much humiliation the people of Iran can stomach.

Vay Khoda, it's been nearly thirty years that these thugs, thieves, terrorists and tyrants have humiliated our people and sucked the vitality from our nation! I want to scream, "Enough is enough!" I know I have no right to criticize. After all, I don't live in Iran and I'm only half-Iranian, but goddamn it, I have pride in my people and my culture and it really bothers me when I see them humiliated before the world with such a scandalous event taking place in their midst. It bothers me that after so many years they just keep on taking whatever the government dishes out to them. It's easy for me to sit faraway and shake my head in bewilderment, but in all honesty I don't understand their passivity after so many years. 

What those students did last week at Daneshgah Amirkabir filled my heart with pride. That timeless and noble attribute of courage which has always been a part of the Iranian national character was surely demonstrated by the daring demonstration held by those valiant young men and women. Be Khoda, I wish I could have been there with them. I wish I could have been there with them for my dear, sweet mother who still believes deep in her heart that she will one day return a free Iran; I wish I could have been there for my cousins, aunts and uncles still in Iran stuck in what is for them a never-ending nightmare; I wish I could have been there for my baba and maman bozorg, whom I have lived very far away from all my life and whom I will lose one day still living very far away from.

I wish I could have been there just to let Mr. ImaWeinerJob hear the loud and passionate anger in my voice for being the leader of a corrupt system which has destroyed so many Iranian lives, crushed so many Iranian spirits and broken so many Iranian hearts. If I could have been there, I would have joined the chants, "Marg bar, dictator," but the sad truth is that I couldn't be there.

The government of the IRI easily and freely gives visas out to its boot-licking league of international losers, like America's own disgraceful former Ku Klux Klan KOOK, David Duke who doesn't have a drop of Iranian blood in his body, but for me and others, like me, who are the sons and daughters of Iranian women and foreign fathers, the IRI lackeys in embassies around the world make it as difficult, unpleasant and expensive as possible for us to obtain a visa to visit our family members in Iran each years. 

If one is a card carrying member of the Ku Klux Fux, like David Duke, who along with some of his good-ole-boy associates, quite possibly has strung up his fair-share of sand-niggers, camel-jocks, and rag-heads in life, one can quickly and easily get a no-hassle visa to Iran and once there be treated like a rock star.    
If on the other hand, the Persian blood which flows through your veins comes from your mother and not your father, you are treated by the government as an outcast, an undesirable and a foreigner. This, I can tolerate, even though I have never liked it much. But, when the government warmly welcomes scum and filth like David Duke and the rest of those misfits to Iran and treats them as kings, it's too much for me. My ancestors have been buried in that land for thousands of years. My mother and I have always been given the third-degree by some low level embassy flunky when I want to go see my grandparents, but human garbage, like Duke gets first class service. When I travel to Iran, I am subject to being fingerprinted because I am classified as a foreign national. I bet Mr. ImaWeinerJob's fascist, fruitcake buddies don't get fingerprinted. They just walk in to town like they're the cat's meow.

I keep trying to tell myself that it really doesn't matter in my personal life what happens in Iran because I don't live there. I keep trying to convince myself that I don't feel the humiliation when our country is disgraced and dishonored time and again by the Mullahs and their lapdogs, like ImaWeinerJob. I keep trying to push down my indignation and rage that Iranians like me (those with a non-Iranian baba) are considered to be less worthy of government acceptance and decent treatment than the likes of David Duke who may have the blood of scores of Iranians on his hands just as his buddy ImaWeinerJob does.

I guess I wouldn't have spent the time to sit and write these pages if I didn't care about Iran and if I didn't feel the shame the Mullahs have brought upon our country. My dad calls the Mullahs and westerners who befriend them, "mullah suckers." It sounds a lot like, mother fu#%*#*, doesn't it? I know which one I'd call them if I could. Sorry, dad; sometimes we're just going to have to agree to disagree. It's just too decent to call them mullah suckers... for they are much, much worse. Comment

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