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Beating women
We are dealing with violent and dangerous animals



June 13, 2006

Yet another dark and tragic day in the modern history of our beloved Iran has come and gone. On Doshanbeh, Khordad 22, 1385 agents of the Islamic Republic set upon and violently attacked a small group of women in Tehran who were peacefully demonstrating to be treated equally under the law with men. I am so disgusted and filled with rage at this moment that I struggle to find the right words to express what I wish to say, so please bear with me. If I offend, please know that is not my intention.

How and why we, the men of Iran, have stood by and done so little for our brave women while they have, for nearly three decades, been suffocating as second-class citizens boggles ones mind. Have we no honor, no courage? Have we forgotten our manhood? How is it that we have not stood against those that have stripped them of their rights as Iranians and their dignity as humans? How is it, that in silence, we have allowed them to be beaten, tortured, raped and killed without running to their defense? Why have they had to stand alone on the frontlines of their quest to be treated equally under the law?

How is it that they became the courageous and we became the meek? Have we forgotten who we are? Have we forgotten who they are? They are the heart and soul of our country. Without them we have never been and will never be anything. These are our women. They are not doormats or carpets to be walked on; they are not punching bags to be brutally beaten and battered by club wielding thugs; and, most of all, they are not pieces of garbage to be dragged through the streets by cretins of such low, vile and corrupt spiritual constitutions that they can't even be considered animals for that would do a gross injustice to poor dumb animals.

Iranian women are not simply playthings undeserving of our respect, loyalty, and courage. They are the backbone of our nation. They are brave, intelligent and devoted... devoted to us, the men in their lives, as well as devoted to the cause of freedom in our beloved homeland. Why haven't we spoken up for them long ago? Why do they have to risk life, limb and liberty for the rights that any Iranian with two balls between his legs takes for granted? Iranian women are patriots and they deserve our intellectual, spiritual and emotional support in their struggle for justice.

Furthermore, they deserve our physical protection from those who would do them harm when all they seek for themselves is to be treated with the dignity and respect that should be every Iranians birthright. Wake up, men! The precious flowers of our nation are continuing to be trampled beneath the bloody boots of Iran's Islamic Oppressors. Our mothers wives, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and nieces are being bullied, beaten and battered the streets of their own country. Would men in any other country of the world stand by and watch their women be treated as shamefully as Iranian women have been? 

As they have been throughout the millennia, Iranian women continue to be the life and breath of the Iranian nation and the Iranian people. We must never allow our women to stand alone for their God-given human rights, like our brave sisters, yesterday, had to do. How courageously that stood when faced with an overwhelming force of violent and well-armed police, thugs and collaborators sent to disperse them.   Though battered and bloodied, our precious angels of freedom were neither broken in spirit or determination to continue the fight. 

This brutal government must be shown to world for what it is.; a government that does not respect the worth, value and sanctity of its own women. For me the difference between how women are treated in Iran and how women were treated under the Taliban is merely a difference in degree and not a difference in kind.  Hopefully, a new demonstration will be organized at once. If so, it should again be widely advertised over the Internet, so as to insure the participation of a bigger crowd. This time, however, the women cannot be permitted to face the police, thugs and collaborators alone. No, this time men should show up also and be prepared to jump into the mix.

Violence only understands one answer and that is even greater violence. Those government agents, whether male of female, who attack and hurt our women deserve neither respect nor forgiveness. They deserve to be treated with all the contempt and brutality we can muster. None among us would flinch or show the slightest hesitation to kill, or main a wild animal that set viciously upon our womenfolk, would we?

Well, that's all we are dealing with here, violent and dangerous animals. They deserve whatever they get; be it death or permanent maiming for they collaborate with this despotic regime against the  good people of Iran They have shown, time and again, during the past twenty-eight years that they are willing to turn the streets into rivers of Iranian blood. Now they need to be shown that the Iranian people can play that game, too.

God Bless Iran and Iranian Women!!!

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