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Shadow of sanctions
The IRI’s nuclear programme is not an issue of national pride

December 28, 2006

A UN resolution imposing sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) for its nuclear ambitions is underway. We, as freedom-loving Iranians, can imagine that atom technology could be a task of a democratic regime in Iran, but we cannot come to the conclusion to end up creeping on the side of the undemocratic IRI.

We can share the argument from any side that no nation can be arbitrarily prevented from nuclear technology. However, we should know that what makes difference here is no doubt that the Islamic regime needs this technology to build weapons to pursue its aggressive policy both inside and outside the country. IRI’s repeated allegation of a civil nuclear-programme is nothing but a flagrant lie, a tactical lie (Doroogh-e-maslehati) permitted and often used by Mullahs for survival of their illegitimate regime.

All countries can achieve this technology within the terms of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. If that is, indeed, what the international community desires, as I believe seems likely, then those countries possessing nuclear arms should be forced to immediately eliminate their arsenals.

The IRI has irresponsibly dispersed the nuclear facilities and disguised sites all over the country, even deliberately among the civil population. This proves that when the cause of Mullahs’ interests comes to the fore, they do not care if Iranian cities or even civil people are likely to be targeted in eventual foreign air strikes.

The IRI probably has duplicate equipment that can be activated and has the know-how to produce more, to pursue a more vigorous and unabated nuclear weapons programme in the long term.

The IRI’s nuclear programme should fall under more scrutiny and charge. It is seeking to produce nuclear weapons to pursue its aggressive policy both inside and outside the country. Regarding IRI’s strategic plans, an optimistic solution for the atom conflict between the international community and IRI’s officials is nothing but an illusion. In reality, the IRI cannot and will not desist from its nuclear weapons; such a “sin” would be in breach of “jihad fi sabil Allah” (war for the cause of Allah).

The IRI’s nuclear programme is not an issue of national pride. While trying to manipulate and alienate Iranian opinions from realities, the IRI along with its diverse factions, paid journalists, and propaganda machine fake the claims that IRI’s nuclear technology is a national issue. Indeed, the IRI has not only been baffling and damaging Iranian identity and reputation, but has always considered people and their interests as cannon fodders for its anti-Iranian and pro-Islamic ambitions.

It makes no difference if the IRI is brought before the United Nations Security Council or not.  Whatever the case may be, the nuclear ambition of the IRI is developing in the most dubious way.  It is an utmost danger to all the humanity, and it furthermore reinforces its dictatorship against Iranian people. IRI’s nuclear ambitions do not consider interests of our national economy, but mainly have roots in its military purposes.

In general, standoff is not only between the IRI and the international community, but more profoundly between the IRI and Iranian people. We must be very careful because the international community is not aware enough or does not care about the anti Iranian nature of the IRI. The UN permanent members will eventually decide about the measures of sanctions on Iran, not the IRI. 

Many of those who pretend to be serious about preventing an IRI’s nuclear programme cannot address their threats to Iranian people. For example, the Bush administration uses the word “Iran” instead of the IRI; it implicitly means that Iranian people should atone for the IRI’s nuclear ambitions. Realising that there is a gulf of contradiction between people and the anti-Iranian IRI, Iranian intellectuals must make this difference clear. Therefore, we must try to influence the UN’s decisions so that the sanctions punish IRI’s perpetrators, not Iran and Iranian people.

With focus being placed on the military related means and judicial measures against the IRI’s officials, Iranian people will be coming out as the real winners of any sanction against IRI’s officials. Long-term interests of Iranian people consist of developing appropriated sanction measures to improve the effectiveness of UN sanctions against the anti Iranian Islamic regime.

All freedom-loving people around the world, especially Iranian people in Iran who are the first victims of IRI’s atrocities, welcome sanctions for any reason on the IRI provided Iranian people are not themselves subject to these sanctions. The sanction measures must be set up by such appropriate UN resolutions that they weaken the IRI’s apparatus of repression while strengthening the position of people. Therefore, the sanctions can only bring results when the measures are merely aimed at the IRI’s leadership, but not target those economic branches providing necessary needs for people. Sanctions of food and medical supplies raise the infant mortality, malnutrition problems, the massive deteriorations in basic problems, in particular in massive poverty, the health-care system and hygienic conditions, as it was the case during the sanctions on Iraq under Saddam.

It is important to know that the IRI is not much dependent on foreign imports for nuclear technology and already has the available raw materials, and most of the designs and techniques, required to pursue a nuclear weapons programme. The Mullahs’ regime has the necessary know-how and has already produced every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle. Furthermore, Iran has found uranium mines in Yazd and has finished the process of constructing milling plants to manufacture yellow cake uranium and conversion plants that convert it to UF6 gas. Iran has also begun manufacturing its own gas centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

The sanctions must start by expelling the IRI from the UN and all related institutions, banning of direct or indirect sale, supply and transfer to IRI-controlled areas of technical advice, assistance or training related to the military forces, which form the IRI’s apparatus of repression. In general, the sanctions must efficiently and directly target the following: IRI’s means of repression, their military plans, its repressive organs, and its administration.

It is necessary that the UN creates a sanction committee to work out and to control effectiveness of sanction measures on the IRI. The sanctions must be vigilant, smart and precise targeted actions merely aimed at all the institutions of the regime and its officials. Such a committee should require all State Members to reduce the number of IRI’s diplomatic personnel, restrict or ban the entry and transit of IRI’s officials in their respective countries. They should freeze all funds, financial assets and economic resources that are owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by IRI’s officials and their related institutions.

The sanction measures should not apply to ordinary goods of people. The UN should then avoid any measure applying to supplies of non-military uses. The UN should punish the suppressive IRI, but cannot furthermore punish the suppressed Iranian people. Iranian opposition abroad should express concerns at the possible adverse impact of sanctions on our people, especially on the most vulnerable segments of the population, such as less protected poor people and children.

Attacks on Iranian military installations are not only illegal under international laws, but they would also tighten the noose of IRI’s dictatorship and harbour incalculable consequences for the entire region. It costs many lives and seriously damages the national infrastructures. The UN along with the international community must initially try all non-military means to contribute their helps to free Iran from the plague of the IRI.

In an extended sense, atom conflict aside, the UN should declare its duty and responsibility when a totalitarian regime like the IRI systematically stands against its people. All freedom-loving Iranians want to know what the UN is practically supposed to do when their state is anti Iranian and is in permanent conflict with the people but does not give up the power in a peaceful process.

The UN is expected to determine effective actions to stop massive human losses in Iran. The UN is expected to officially express itself about the losses of many thousands political executions since the existence of the IRI. The UN must now take the consequences in attempting to convince the international community how it reacts against the culprits of such massive human losses. Comment

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