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IRI’s nuclear programme is not to develop Iran’s national economy, but has roots in its jihadist strategy


January 13, 2006

At the time when “Seif-al-Islam” (sword of Islam) can no longer represent the Golden Age of Islamic glory, a new arm would be necessary to defend and expand the cause of “Dar-al-Islam” (territory of Islam). This arm can be baptised into the divine name of “atom-Allah”, as expected by Islamists.

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is more than ever embroiled in a serious process with the international community. Furor over the IRI’s atom policy is an unprecedented international issue.

The IRI’s resumption of nuclear activities”researches” can result in referral to the United Nations Security Council. It shows a failure of diplomatic efforts and policy of appeasement led by the European Union. The case can ultimately result in UN sanctions or a military attack on Iran.

We know that some countries have already drawn up military plans for an attack on nuclear sites in Iran if diplomacy fails to halt the Iranian nuclear programme. Raids by Israel’s air strikes by F-15 jets, using American bunker-busting bombs to penetrate underground facilities can likely be a question of time, route and international public opinions.

Of course, no nation can be arbitrarily prevented from nuclear technology. All countries can achieve this technology within the terms of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.If that is, indeed, what the international community desires, as I believe seems likely, then those countries possessing nuclear arms should be forced to immediately eliminate their arsenals.

However, what concerns us, there is almost no doubt that the Islamic regime needs this technology to build weapons to pursue its jihadist policy both inside and outside the country.

The IRI is not dependent on foreign imports for nuclear technology and already has the available raw materials, and most of the designs and techniques, required to pursue a nuclear weapons programme. The Islamic regime has the necessary know-how and has already produced every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle. Furthermore, Iran has found uranium mines in Yazd and has finished the process of constructing milling plants to manufacture yellow cake uranium and conversion plants that convert it to UF6 gas. Iran has also begun manufacturing its own gas centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

The IRI has dispersed the nuclear facilities and disguised sites all over the country, even deliberately among the civil population. The IRI probably has duplicate equipment that can be activated and has the know-how to produce more, to pursue a more vigorous and unabated nuclear weapons programme in the long term.

The IRI’s repeated allegation of a civil nuclear-programme is nothing but a flagrant lie, a tactical lie (Doroogh-e-maslehati) permitted by Islam even in a form of Khamenei’s fatwa.

What concerns the Iranian democratic opposition, It makes no difference if the IRI is brought before the United Nations Security Council or not,  whatever the case may be, and whatever be dealt with by the UNSC, the nuclear ambitions of the IRI is developing in the most dubious way, it is an utmost  danger to all the humanity, and it furthermore reinforces its dictatorship against Iranian people.

For the Iranian democratic opposition, the IRI’s nuclear  programme should  fall under another scrutiny and charges that the IRI is seeking to produce nuclear weapon to pursue its jihadist war both inside and outside the country. The Iranian democratic opposition in condemnig the issue, should condemn the existence of the IRI entirely for its nature of anti-humanity.

Although Iranian infrastructures might be the targets of foreign air strikes as a result of the IRI’s atom policy, the Islamic leadership does not worry at all.

The IRI’s nuclear programme is not an issue of national pride. While trying to manipulate and alienate Iranian opinions from their national interests, the IRI fakes the claims that the nuclear technology is a national pride. In deed, the IRI has not only been baffling and belittling the Iranian national pride and identity, but has always been considering Iranians as cannon fodders for its anti-Iranian and pro-Islamic ambitions. When the cause of Islam comes to the fore, the IRI does not bother if Iranian cities or even civil people are likely to be targeted in eventual foreign air strikes.

The nuclear ambitions of Iran go back in the 60s under auspices of the U.S. within the framework of bilateral agreements between the two countries. In 1967 the Tehran Research Centre(TNRC) was  equipped with a US supplied 5-megawatt nuclear research reactor. Iran signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968. With the establishment of Iran's atomic agency and the NPT in place plans were drawn to construct up to 23 nuclear power stations across the country.

The Iran-U.S nuclear cooperation was during the Cold War, and for the West, regarding the “danger” of the Soviet Union, it could moreover lay out of the military aims.  Gerard Ford signed a directive in 1976 honouring the Shah the chance to buy and operate a U.S.-built reprocessing facility for extracting plutonium from nuclear reactor fuel. The deal was for a complete nuclear fuel cycle.

The US. strategy was not to provide for growing needs of Iranian economy, but rather for the long-term military concerns. It was because for a better control of the important region of the Middle East, the US. needed the Shah, who was one of the loyal gendarmes of the US’s interests in the region, and in return, the shah needed the US. to support his dictatorship.

At the time, Iran was pumping as much as 6 million barrels of oil a day, the Shah’s ambition to  construct up to twenty nuclear power stations across the country would rather be understood as a military ambition. With U.S. support and backing, numerous contracts were signed with various Western firms, including a German firm that started the work in Bushehr.

For the US, which was the Shah's largest trading partner, the only difference between the two dictatorial regimes is that the Shah’s regime belonged to  the axis of friends, but the IRI to the “axis of evil”. Their analogy is that neither of them intended to exploit nuclear power to improve the national economy-- large resources of oil are cheaper and safer, plus, either of them are strongly suspected of using the nuclear power for their military purposes.

Routine justification of remaining oil reserves for conversion to petrochemicals has been always a banal excuse—the IRI is not even capable of refining  enough raw oil, therefore has to import a part of its domestic consumption.

In 1995 the IRI  signed a contract with Russia to resume work on the half complete Bushehr plant, which was built nutill 1979 by the German firm.  The construction is being finally done by the ex-“empire of evil” for the present memder of “axis of evil”!

In late 2001, the international community knew that Iran's most important nuclear facilities were not at Bushehr, which can be monitored by the (IAEA), but in some secret military sites.

Although the IRI since its existence is the most dangerous regime to(the) humanity, it was not until 2002 that the international community started questioning the danger but still opted to put it on the back burner for the time. Some countries, which are not completely aware of the jihadist strategy, are likely unequivocal in referring the IRI to the UNSC. By contrast, In Iran, rhetoric and planning appear to have progressed quite a bit further in the process to the nuclear weapons.

An ideal Islamic nation is not a modern and advanced society, but an Islamic docile and humble nation or an “Ummah”. As such, the IRI’s nuclear programme is not to develop Iran’s national economy, but has roots in its jihadist strategy.

Today,the iranian democratic opposition should take this opportunity to publicly poineer an international struggle against the whole IRI, whose parasitic life is a permanent danger to humanity.So every protest against the IRI should be taken in conjunction with its parasitic life.

The IRI’s nuclear technology is particularly dangerous. Since their ballistic missile system is not enough accurate to fly over countries with an accurate anti-missile defense system,  plans are probably made that nuclear weapons can be converted to some kind of explosive devices in the hands of jihadists, basijdists and other followers of the regime for suicide attacks.

Always convinced of achieving a great”Dar-al-Islam“(territory of Islam), the IRI’s officials have always expressed their “Islamic duty” to install Islamic states all over the world. They not only consider that the IRI is the leader of the nation of Islam, but this rule should not also be limited by geographic boundaries, and as a result, the whole world should be the legitimate territory of Islam.

Today, as expressed by the Islamic authorities, the IRI publicly recruits volunteers to train and indoctrinate them as “holy warriors” to be sent to fight the “enemies of Islam”. These brainwashed would-be-suicide bombers must fight to defend the cause of "al-Islam w'l dawla“worldwide to kill and to be killed for the rule of Islam.

Although, difficult to technically envision, the nuclear weapon can be considered to be converted to an appropriate weapon of civil destruction, namely for suicide attacks.

Generally, the IRI’s killers treat their “internal” enemies not differently from their “external” enemies.

- “Seif-al-Islam” (Sword of Islam):

In the course of history, Islam without its sword could never be as expanded as today’s “Daral-al-Islam” (territory of Islam). This sword of nomadic Arab tribes, whose bearers were mandated to convert agreat part of today’s Islamic world into Islam, is still on the flag of Saudi Arabia. The sword killed millions of non-Muslims and “less”-Muslims to reach the size of today’s “Dar-al-Islam”. 

Today, the Islamic world is in such a deep crisis of backwardness that it cannot be anymore a destabilising danger for the world of non-Muslims.

Organised acts of terrorism in the non-Islamic world cannot culminate in a Jihad-Crusade war. The problem is the rusty sword, which is no longer an efficient weapon of Islam. At the time when the war on Islamism tends to dominate the debate on international level, the rusty sword cannot represent the same value as in the Golden Age of Islamic Caliphate. It cannot even free the occupied “Islamic” territory of Palestine from the arch foe of Islam, “Zionist” Israel.  Since the sword and the Islamism cannot complement each other, nuclear weapons programme would stand for the only alternative to replace the ”Seif-al-Islam”. Therefore, atomic weapons, maybe in appropriate form and size, can be a new weapon of jihadist attacks against “enemies of Islam”

In the whole, Islamists cannot desist from nuclear weapons; such a “sin” would be in breach of”jihad fi sabil Allah” (war for the cause of Allah). 

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