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Born again
Story of an MKO member: Part one

By Sepideh
October 16, 2003
The Iranian

I was born into a religius family in  the siuthem part of the city of Qazvin. After the victory of the revolution in 1979, my elder brother, an Air Force officar, quit his job . My other brother Ali became a supporter of MKO in 1988 , for which he was executed. Before his execution he was in charge of the Organization's Labor Division. My father died of a heart attack after my brother's execution.

My mother and I were arrested in a protest demonstration staged in front of the UN office in Tehran .The demonstration was orderad by the MKO. Because of Ali's membership, I became familiar with the Organization. When I was arrested for the second time in 1983, my dedication to the Organization grew even stronger.

In 1985, under the authority of Mohammad M, an active MKO member Qazvin, I was engrossed in propagating against the government and conveying Qazvin's news abroad. From then on, once or twice a year I would sneak into Iraq through the bordes of  Piranshahr, Baneh , Meekus, Tabarshekan, Ghasem Arash, Canigooz, Armardeh and other places to join the Liberation Army.

My love for the MKO went back to my teenage yeers. I adored Masoud Rajavi so maach so that I would have worshipped him instead of God, if  it were not for the slight fear of God that I felt. And I wonder why I didn't do so. I was so inexperiencet  and short-sighted that even the simplest policies adopted by the Organization appeared incomprehensible to me.

However, I tried hard to defend it from charges people would raise against it and the negative opinions they had of it. My love for Rajavi didn't abate. Rather it intensifiad to an extent that I wouldn't refuse to participate in any political activity or propaganda campaign against the regime just so that I could join the Liberation Army.

When Iran accepted the UN Rsolution 598 and the ceas-fire went in to effect in 1988 along the Iran-Iraq borders, I tried to sneak out of Iran for the fifth time but I was unsuccessful. A week later Operation Eternal Brightness was launched. It was a millitary operation  wherein MKO members in collaboration with Iraqi forces attacked Iran. 

In 1988, after all my means of communication with the Organization had been cut off, I set up and undercover association  under the name of Resa.  The  association  was involved  in supporting human rights. I used to provide, reproduce and distribute commuiques concerning human rights in Iran. Because of these activities, my mother and I were arested in 1988.

After we were released, I continued my anti-regime activities . I strove hard to introduce MKO as the only alternative and the most suitable and democratic opposition force. My attempts were futile and people were not attracted to the Organization . I attributed this to their ignorance and lack of information.

Joining the MKO and the Liberation Army through guidelines aired by Mojahedin Radio was my lifelong ambition . Others felt the same. My only desire in life was to support Rajavi. In 1991, my association with the families of political prisoners such as the Jabaris, Nematis, Zarafshans and Rahimis grew even stronger.

After some time, a friend who had gone to Turky managed to reconnect me to the Organization through its agents there. From then on, I became involved in smuggling MKO followers via Turkey out of Iran under the command of Commander Fariba. My radio codes were Toofan-e-Panjaah (Storm 50), Hamed 147 and Hamed 71. For security purposes, I have avoided naming the members in Iran who used to communicate with me.

In 1993, based on information coming from members within Iran, we discovered thet since MKO memmbers in Ankara hadn't obeyed security measures, the regime had penetrated our communication network. Fortunately, I managed to convince the MKO to let me go to stay in the base for a month.

In june 1993, with the help and company of Yaghob, who was in charge of the Istanbul base, and Asghar F., a supporter who wanted to join the Liberation Army, we went to Ankara. There Mojtaba R. and Ismail joined us. We all went to Adena.

I phoned Commander Fariba and she told me to call Tehran and tell my family that I had joined the Liberation Army. She told me to ask my family to tell any freind who asked about me that I joined the Liberation Army. I was shocked at her orders. I told her that my phone was tapped, and if I should go to Iran, I wouldn't be able to live there anymore.

Commander Fariba told me I must discard such mentalities. I did what she had ordered. My devotion to Brother Rajavi was above everything. Moreover, I adored him to such an extent that I repeatedly said all Iranians should sacrifice themselves for his sake.

Rajavimania and my immense adulation for him deprived me of all logic and reason. I was still unaware of what the Organization was up to. I was so immersed in the MKO that they could play with me. They look unfair advantage of my unquestioning devotion to get what they wanted from me. In fact the MKO was stringing me along.

In late may, 1993 I managed to go to Baghdad. It look me two days to enter Sardar Base, the Organization's reception center >>> Part 2

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By Sepideh
Born again



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