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Souless but sexy



January 1, 2006

I'm realisin' that all this smokin', chillin', cotchin', is just the beginnin'
Of high social decorum times laughing through the young recreation
The classes only in isolatory intermingling with the brunette's legs wide open
Breathing in the ecstacy of emotional bliss with her cries she's trippin'

Screaming orgasmically fill me deep in the nemesis of fertilisation
However only blocking with polymer tangles and corrupt spermicide
You know that your next generation is on a kamikaze, suicide mission
Waking up you suspect that its all a vivid dream only discovering in your imagniation

Your valium intake after your speed and cocaine trip has mellowed you out
Shmooth as the South Africans say don't end up on smack its about
Time you open your ears and taste the funk of the goa-psychadelic music
No German-Industrial-Progressive-Techno cry the fans of the tranc-o-tech

You smile with nervousness shivering acknowledging the fact that it's all over
Like a rare warm breeze on a spring morning crystallising which flies and hovers
Your wretched hand reaches out like Adam reached to He which decided to start
And then a split second fluttering in the mist of the clouds to your heart

You've cried so much that tears which ran like rivers of the million martyrs blood
Dries like Mariam who treated the wounded chokes on the reality of the taste of mud
Predatory, manipulative, deceitful, classified government bloody propaganda
Like all the millions of dead in the rich black lands of Kenya, Congo and Uganda

Your protest explodes into the frustration of the tired masses who are seeking revenge
Storming their weddings and adding and prolonging the mourning sessions of heaven
Bleeding with their faces bloodied with their loved ones cursing and crying in the mist
Nodding you whisper your final prayers in the storm and heavy rain wondering in the abyss

And yet I exhale and laugh about the good times we've had during the hot partying summers
Saint Tropez, Los Angeles or be it Paris drinking wildly in our expensive American hummers
Making love to angels of all bloodlines and ages teaching us wisdom in the depths of ecstacy
Yet your heart lingers for tender love like when you were eighteen loosing your virginity

Remembering the final goodbye of your memorable sweetheart never giving the real reason
While she walked out sending you to struggle in the great oceans and fires of dark detention
Anger boiling in your angry and emotional veins every time you think of her you wish
That it would all end or you could turn back time and fix the mistakes you missed

Never free like a white dove soaring through the blue skies trying to seclude in this bitter taste
Witnessing the battles high above with the heaps of the wounded killed in haste
Over squabbles and petty disagreements whether a priest can forgive an unfaithful sinner
Amongst the vile corruption seeping from every man's bones oozing with black murmur

Disgusted those few which are left in this continuous loosing war of the innocent time
Although hope survived with those who clashed swords and spilled blood with Mordor
Dragons, Eagles, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Tree-Men, Orks, Balrogs and even more
Red, green, blue, black, purple, yellow, orange, brown, white blood of the dying core

The arrow of Arash Kamangeer shines and echos through the history of split nations
Having the Aryan race as a connected reality yet broken and torn by the jealous masons
Dollars feeding the cocaine addicted in the slums of Brooklyn yet Bush talks about freedom
Where there are ghettos agonising and groaning for funding, development and social decorum

Etiquette existing in every elegant elaborate east side in Knightsbridge with enigmatic energy
Seems to simmer the sensual secrets of the souless but sexy Southerners just so pretty

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