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Your dreams


July 29, 2005

Never try to understand everything,
Some things will just never make sense to you.
Never try to hide your feelings,
Show your happiness as well as your sorrow.
Never be afraid of trying to make changes or taking risks in your life,
You might be surprised to see how strong you are.
Never feel like you are alone,
There is someone there for you to reach out to.
Never stop loving nor believing,
If you do you will lose sight of your hopes and dreams.
Never promise something to someone when you are uncertain,
Give others an equal chance to love and be loved.
Never live your life for others,
Live it for yourself but remember to look for the good in others.
Never regret the past,
But learn by it and always have hope.Goals and wishes cannot always be reached easily,
But remember limitations exist solely in your own mind.
Keep your pride,
But don’t live for it.
The key to your happiness is not trying to impress others,
But impressing yourself and listening to your conscience.
You have the ability to accomplish anything,
But never do it at someone else’s expense.

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