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October 22, 2005

Don't ask me to cross the ocean,

Or swim the deepest sea.

Don't ask me to reach for the highest star,

Or fly like a bird for you.

Don't ask me to say what's inside my heart,

For I will never see the light of tomorrow.

Don't ask to give precious memories,

For my life will be filled with sorrow.

Don't ask me to wish upon a star,

To carry our love for eternity.

Or ask me to cry or plea,

Whenever you turn to leave me.

Don't ask me after three years of kisses and embrace,

To still give you my innocence.

Or ask for my heart and hand,

When all you feel is greed and selfishness.

Don't ever ask me to say, "I love you"

Because before I do,

You have to find the key to my heart again.

And prove your love for me is true.

So don't ask me anything before you do.....

Tears are falling from my eyes,

As I sit and cry at night.

Blood is dripping from my heart,

As I try to write.

I have so much pain,

I'm hurt a lot,

I can't explain all this,

I'm just falling apart.

No one understands why I love you,

I don't know where to start

And I don't know where to end.

Love hurts so much,

Like a thousand stabbing knives,

Especially when you have all this pain,

That you wish you could deny.

I'm so sore right now,

My heart is racing fast,

I wish I could forget all this,

And leave it in the past.

But there will always be a memory,

A memory of us both,

How we both loved each other,

And in my heart I'll have to hold.

I will always hold this memory

Even though you won't care,

And the scar you left in my heart

Will always be there.

The anger deep inside

Locked up tight

Grows more and more

With the disappearing light.

Hope washed away

No more new starts

After so many ruined minds

And never mending hearts.

A mouth never smiling

Eyes so haunted sad

Feet still trying to run

From when it all went bad.

Puzzles never solved

Confusions never resolved

Simple for the hand of life

The hand which will always fade.

Someday you'll cry for me,

Like I cried for you.

Someday you'll need me,

The way I needed you.

Someday you'll miss me,

Like I missed you.

Someday you'll love me,

But I pray I won't love you anymore.

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