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Memoir of love

August 14, 2006

This is the story of you and me

A story which will never be told

A story which will from here on exist but in our hearts


Was the rain which washed away all your sorrows and sins,

Was the blood that carried love through your veins,

Was your guardian angel but you broke my wings,

Was truly yours… to touch and feel,

Gave you all I had but you never noticed its depth,

Loved you but you never believed in its purity,


Cleared the dust from my eyes and made me see life in all its colours

Nourished and watered my heart and only you,

Were the sky I looked up towards whenever I needed to find strength

Sang a beautiful song to me which will never stop playing in my mind

Spoke to me of an odyssey of discovery and companionship

Promised to stay by my side forever and offer me your hands

What happened?

Where are you?

Where am I?

So close yet a world apart

Only the seeds of our memories exist

What has my heart realized?

The ink on the writing of our love story will dry here because my lonely and scarred heart has been cursed to forever remain alone...

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