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September 3, 2005

Art is the intentional violation of the existing norms in order to create novel forms that appeal to the emotions and sense of beauty of the observer.

I had no intention of creating a work of art with the novel that I have written though the judgment ought to be left to the reader that will read my work. If s/he finds it engaging and worth reading, I will conclude that my work must have had some essential elements of art.

This novel was completed in 2002 when it was submitted to the Ershad, Ministry of Culture in Iran, for permission to go to print. Over 82 pages of the book were deemed unfit for publication. I was not about to voluntarily censor my work and therefore decided to temporarily -- probably as long as the Islamic Republic is there -- give up its publication in book form.

Here are Chapters one & two. Another chapter will be published every other day.

Homayoun Abghari
Blog: yaad-haaye doordast

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