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Amazing history
Or "Tarikh-e Sheguft-Angiz"

By Manoochehr Javid &
Tom Foley (Tahmasb Fouladi)
March 3, 2004

Tarikh-e Sheguft-Angiz (Amazing History) is a piece of satire my father wrote with his friend in 1965. It was printed in a limited edition at the national oil company print shop in Abadan and distributed among friends. It's dedicated to President Kennedy and follows the traditional style of old Persian script.

Since my father's death in 1977, I have spotted this small, thin, black booklet in family libraries many times but every time I tried to read it, I never got further than a few pages. I've had this fear that perhaps it's not that funny and therefore better left alone. But I think it's time to give it the reading it deserves. I'll hope for the best... -- Jahanshah Javid

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