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...and god farted
A little challenge to the newly created human race

November 5, 2004 unedited

... and the myth goes as such that when God made man out of clay (dirt, sand , mud etc) God blew "his" soul into the man he had just created and therefore "made man in his own image". there are men like that. women too! in modern history we have had a great number of men and women who fit that description, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Tressa, Camille Claudell, Forough Farrokhzad, etc.

one can almost fantasize about that beautiful imagery; when God approaches the infamous wheel where all animals and plants and oceans and... were created. God looks at the new hot thing that she had just created, and to top his own previous master pieces, she blows into the mouth of Adam and life begins. Geniuses in science, the arts, philosophy who also had the well being of all human beings on mind, were born, one after another.

however, there are this other group of individuals, some also genius, who have brought nothing to humanity but misery, destruction and hatred. again in modern history we have great examples: Hitler, Stalin, religious fundamentalists and leaders of all faiths, etc.

now these fellows don't quite bring about that imagery of Adam on the wheel with the all mighty blowing her breath into it. now do they?

this is what happened: the all mighty after sending Adam to the garden of Eden where he was going to await Adam's Siesta, decided to add a little challenge to the newly created human race. He placed another clay made statuette that look like Adam. she looked at it, smiled and he far....!

that is the only way i can believe the creation theory, understand history and know for a fact that there was no evolution! have we evolved?

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