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Our god’s plan
The Lord has informed me that He wants America to prepare, to make safe, the way for freedom and democracy in the world


Doug Soderstrom
June 7, 2005

A preliminary copy of a speech -- "Serve Your Country Proudly!" -- to be delivered by the President of the United States somewhere around the end of year 2005 in order to prepare the American populace for the possibility of an upcoming draft.

This evening I would like to visit with you, the young people of America and your parents, not simply as the President of the United States, but as one who cares very deeply about you and your future. As I am sure you are well aware, my wife, Laura, and I have two lovely daughters who we love very deeply just as your own parents love you. And just as your parents want what is best for you in your life... Laura and I feel much the same. We, as well, want what is best for you.

Also we realize that the most precious resource in our nation is that of our children, you the young people of our nation, for it is you who will be our future and certainly without you we will have no future. As a father as well as your President, I want to do whatever I can in order to ensure that each of you as young people will have the opportunity to live in a nation that will enable each of you to achieve your most cherished dreams. We, your parents and I, want you to be everything that God has in store for you. We want you to be able to fulfill God’s plan for your life. And, of course, it is this that I would like to visit with you this evening.... God’s plan for your life... what is best for you, your parents, our nation, and, of course, the world.

First of all, there are a few things that every American ought to be aware. As I am sure you realize, I am a dedicated Christian. A few years ago, I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ as I asked Him to come into my heart and to be my Lord and Savior. From that point on, the Lord has been leading, guiding my life, enabling me to understand how He wants me, as the President, to lead this country into greatness. Every morning when I rise, I ask for the Lord’s guidance. As a humble servant of the Lord, I ask God to tell me what He wants me, as the President, to do in order that our nation might fulfill its role in order to usher in the Kingdom of God.

You see, from the very beginning, 229 years ago, our country was founded upon the very principles of God. In fact, because of the way the United States Constitution was written, the founders themselves made sure that God would always be at the helm of our country, and because of that God chose to bless our country. However, in recent days, it has been laid upon my heart, the Lord has told me, that His blessing will continue only to the extent that we, as a people, continue to do His will. Only to the extent that we have the courage and fortitude to follow His teachings, the principles of life that will enable our country to be a beacon of light for the rest of the world to see.

The Lord has informed me that He wants our country to prepare, to make safe, the way for freedom and democracy in the world. But in order for such to become a reality, we, as a nation of God’s very own people, must be ready... we must have the courage, even the moral stamina, to do His will, to do what is asked of us. Only then will the truth of freedom and democracy come to fruition. Only then will our country be allowed to lead the world into a new era... an era of liberty and justice for all the people of the world.

Every day since my inauguration as the 43rd President of this fine nation, I have asked for God’s guidance, I have requested that He tell me what He wants us as a people to do, how He wants me, as the President, to govern the nation. But then on September 11, 2001 “the evil ones” assaulted our country. Yet as challenging as that event turned out to be, it was, I believe, a time of great awakening for our country, a wake-up call for all Americans. It was then that God made it abundantly clear that not only should we be exceedingly proud and thankful for having had the opportunity to live in such a fine country, one blessed with freedom and democracy, but that we should never, I mean never, take such freedom for granted.

The message of 9/11 was a warning that there are those who would like to destroy the United States of America, a country that has shown the courage to stand up for freedom and democracy. I believe that God has given us the mandate to become the world’s guardian of freedom and democracy. He has charged us with the responsibility to take on and to eventually defeat “the evil ones.”

It is up to us to do whatever must be done in order to make sure that the world will be free. It is our responsibility to see that the goal of freedom and democracy is achieved. What we in our country have been able to do over the past 229 years is to create a plan for the rest of the world to follow. Thus, as I see it, the divine will of God is for our nation to go unto all ends of the earth and to spread the word and to tell “the evil ones” that they do not have the right to imprison their own people.

God wants us to make it clear that they will not be allowed to tell their own people what they must believe, what they must do, or how they must live their lives. God’s message is that it is our responsibility to tell them that they must let their people go, that they must set their people free, that they must free their people from the shackles of oppression placed upon them, that they must give their people the freedom to choose their own leaders. They must realize that if they want to take their place in the world of tomorrow, they must be willing to live according to the principles of God. They must realize that if they are to survive, they have but one choice... the choice to choose freedom and democracy. They must realize that anything less than this is unacceptable... unacceptable to God, unacceptable to the principles of freedom and democracy, the very principles that form the heart and soul of that which has made our country, the United States of America, the greatest country in all the world. 

However, when we look at the world, it is quite clear that many nations have not chosen to honor the will of God. Far too many nations do not value their own people’s sovereign right to be free, their God-given right to choose who will lead them. And, of course, that is where you, as young people, as well as those of you as parents, fit into such a terribly complex puzzle of a world that has seemingly gone so horribly wrong. If other nations of the world are going to choose to dictate to their own people, if they are going to continue to deprive their very own citizens of the right to choose who they want to govern, then we, as a country, have no choice but to do what God demands of us; no choice but to tell them that they must change their ways or else they will be required to suffer the consequences. They must realize that an America led by God will do whatever it must in order to restore the Kingdom of God on the earth, a kingdom deeply imbued with a love for freedom and democracy.

During the past few months, I have become extremely saddened, very saddened indeed, to find that those hard working men and women in uniform, our very well trained military recruiters, charged with such an awesome responsibility, have had an extremely difficult time fulfilling their quotas of soldiers necessary in order to defend our country. What has gone wrong? Why has it been so terribly difficult for our recruiters to find men and women willing to serve their own country? How could such a thing be? Surely we have not become an indulgent nation, a nation of selfish folks willing to partake of the benefits of such a fine society, yet without the courage, nor even the integrity, to do what must be done in order to defend our country from her enemies.

Such an unwillingness to go to war for one’s own country, a nation that has given so very much to those of us privileged to live within its borders, is frightening. Frightening in that it is clear to me, as the President of this great nation, that such an attitude could well lead to the downfall of our country, a nation that has been a bulwark of freedom for the world to follow, a once bright light having become dim, darkened by the shortsighted and narcissistic fears of its own people, a shadow of tyranny and domination that would be allowed to spread across the rest of the world leading the planet into a nightmarish hell of despot-dictated domination!

Everyone needs to understand that since that “terrible day in September” the world has changed. Without choice, we, as a nation, have become engaged, caught up as it were, in a great world struggle... one between those who would keep their own people in chains like that of Iran, Syria and North Korea versus those, like us, who want our own people to remain free so we might be allowed to partake of the wonderful benefits of those having had the opportunity to live in a democracy. We, as a nation, cannot. I mean we must not allow evil to triumph for if we do, if we fail to have the courage to carry out the God-given mandate that we protect the world’s right to choose for itself, then freedom and democracy will be lost forever.

Tonight, I am asking not only the youth, but as well the parents of our youth, to understand their obligation, their sacred responsibility to serve our country. I am asking that we, as a nation, rise up to the challenge to follow our conscience. I am asking that we might develop the integrity necessary in order to say yes to our mutually shared responsibility to serve our nation. I am asking for you, the youth of America, the future leaders of our nation, to exhibit the courage to say yes to those fine men and women in uniform who will come to you asking if you have the mettle, if you have the guts to do the right thing, if you have the courage to stand up, if you have the moral integrity to say yes... yes, I do want to do the will of God. Yes, I am willing to take a stand for freedom and democracy. And parents... help your children to realize what a wonderful honor and privilege it would be for them to serve their God while simultaneously having the opportunity to serve their own country.

Before you go to bed tonight ask your kids if they want God to be proud of them. Ask them if they want you to be proud of them. Ask them if they would like the entire country to be proud of them. Ask them if they would like to be proud of themselves. And then you, as parents, tell your children that they can have such pride through a decision to join in the military’s defense of our nation. Tell your kids that if they hunger and thirst after righteousness, if they truly want to be like Jesus Christ, if they would like to illustrate the courage it takes to follow in the footsteps of the Lord, the courage it takes to be a man’s man, a true man of men, then you tell them that they have no choice but to honor their responsibility to say yes to their country, no choice but to say yes to being a loyal, patriotic American citizen, no choice but to say yes in choosing to be a part of God’s Army fighting for the right of every human being in the world to be free.

In closing, let me leave you with one last thought. Bad things happen when good people decide to do nothing, when families believe that there is nothing wrong with expecting someone else’s children to carry out the difficult burden of ensuring that “the evil ones” will not be allowed to destroy the world’s right to remain free and safe. So I am asking for each of you to make the decision to be on the leading edge, the cutting edge, of doing the will of God. I am asking that you do what must be done in order to bring freedom and democracy to the rest of the world. I am asking that you do what you know you must do in order that the world will someday declare that the United States of America truly was, is, and shall remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Good night to each of you, and may God bless our nation.

George Walker Bush

President of the United States

Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D., is a psychologist in Wharton, Texas.


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