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Khomeini's Fatwas From Beyond the Grave

Norouz Sombol Fatwa

Fatwa #: 987,558,471,894,658,729,666,999,123,456,789,374,211,534

The Sombol is a 'Najes' flower that radiates 'Haram' beauty.

The 'Haram' beauty can incite evil in the hearts and minds of men.

Therefore the Sombol must be covered with 'Hejab' at all times.

If the evil persists, then immediately seek relief from the goldfish ...

... as you would from a sheep.
[Note: See Fatwa #1 for sheep Intructions]

End Notes from Old Style Toodehi Goldfish: "This Fatwa is obviously a Monarchist, US/Zionist conspiracy."

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