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March 17, 2006

If you are out in a picnic in Tehran and someone is reading the news headlines for you while you are eating beef kabab, which one of these headlines makes you throw up faster; "NATANZ IS ATTACKED WITH AMERICAN CRUISE MISSILES", or "DONKEY MEAT IS SOLD FOR BEEF IN TEHRAN". Well that's how I feel about it. It makes me sick even though I eat every thing (hameh cheez khar). If I was offered donkey meat in a French restaurant I would eat it. The only thing I don't like to eat is old (aging) animal meat. Once I ate some old chicken meat and it was disgusting. We cooked her all day and it was still too hard to chow on. Many people in Iran feel like they have no idea what king of crap they are being fed, and that's the sickening part. The butcher character in this cartoon was a participant in a donkey parade in Tehran recently, but I altered his face so he is now unrecognizable, even though he doesn't fear Americans. He is selling Damavand donkey meat for American, British, and French fresh meat. May be you can attached the related story. By Mazloom.

By Mazloom

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