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The needle of your pain


January 23, 2007

the needle of your pain pierces through my veins
streaming through my blood
caressing every cell in my body

and like an addict getting her fix
i close my eyes
my head falling back
i slowly exhale
and listen to my heartbeats

your absence takes over all other reality
making all else irrelevant
drowning all other thought into oblivion

making life a thing
i no longer strive to protect

i crave to reach out and grab you in the air around me
i can feel your breeze across my face

i can hear your heartbeats
like a tribal drum
setting rhythm to my dance
but like music scattered in a midnight forest
i cannot find its source

and when the needle of your pain pierces through my veins

i want to rip through my chest
reach inside my heart
and grab hold of this string
that will lead me back to you

in this life or the next

May 30, 2006-1:26 pm

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Baharak Sedigh


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