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April 18, 2006

I am having the same nightmare
The one I had after 9/11
The war planes are bombing
The city is on fire
People are running
Every which way
Trying to get away

Oh, what I feel is beyond description
There is a war brewing
Soon real bombs will start dropping

But there is nothing
I or anyone can do
To stop this madness
To turn this war machine around
Before it's too late

In these scary and violent times
An incredible sense of powerlessness
A feeling of hopelessness
Hangs over me

I keep hoping and waiting
For things to turn around
But instead they just keep on
Going from bad to worse

This fight over nukes
It is about the new world order
It is about oil and empire

But for us Iranian-Americans
It is nothing short of civil war

I am overcome by a sense of defeat
I am depressed and horrified
About what the architects of wars
Have in mind for Iran
About what is happening to the US
And the souls of vengeful Americans

- Rotterdam, Netherlands

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