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You are a promise

July 22, 2006

We don't know our potentials
Until we set out to explore them
Miners dig for precious stones and gold
In the most hopeless rocky hills

Divers don't find pearls on beaches
They are hidden in the seas
By tons of water

Take a dive then
Into the depths of your mind
Go to the silent caverns
Away from the clamorous world
There you may just find
Unique riches and treasures

Delve into your mind
Like a miner be persistent
Untiring and patient
In the nooks and crevasses
There may lie gifts beyond measures

It is the most powerful truth
Each human mind
Even the ones dulled
By television and apathy
Have some hidden abilities
Some beauty and brilliance
Which if they seek and cultivate
They will come upon and recover

-Rotterdam, Netherlands


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