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Time is going by


March 8, 2007

There is a demonstration in Tehran
The revolutionary guards arrive, police come
People run, disperse, and hide
Some lose their wallets
Some lose their keys
Some get beaten
Someone nearly dies
Many are taken away
There is confusion everywhere

Thirty minutes later
Everything is calm and quiet
Police have gone away
The vigilantes have disappeared

The mullahs own the country
They rule with an iron fist

We Iranians, we are too timid
We are afraid of what we can not see
We are afraid of our own shadows

We are afraid to fight for freedom
We are afraid to stand up for justice
We are afraid to defend our rights
We always have reasons to fear

We do not want to die
We do not want to perish
We want to live
We want to taste life

But time is going by
Time does not wait for anybody

-Rotterdam, Netherlands

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