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Let the world know
... about the abuses and attacks on freedom in Iran

October 4, 2004

We, the Iranian-Americans living in the U.S. as other Iranians across the Western hemisphere, fortunately live in free societies where we can express our beliefs.

The people in Iran have voiced their desire for regime change. There is no need for military invasion as in Iraq, rather moral support for their struggle to oust the mullahs. The mullahs should go back to their mosques and schools and attend to their religious duties. The people, within the framework of a supervised referendum, would then be free to vote for whatever system of governance the majority desires.

What can help the Iranians if they attain their goal of a democratic government, will also help the people of the new Iraq, Afghanistan and the region. Stability in Iran will lessen terrorism in the Middle East. The present regime in Iran has been creating instability through sponsoring terrorists, thereby also keeping their own power base intact. They are doing so in Afghanistan as well as meddling with the Shiites in Iraq.

Why not help the one country where the people are ready to liberate themselves without military intervention - Iran ?

The threat posed by this dictatorial and fundamentalist regime has been neglected for far too long and we need to make Iran a priority in our war against terrorism.

With a stable and democratic Iran, the issue of WMD would no longer pose a danger. It is obvious that it is the mullah regime that cannot be trusted with them and not an Iran with a stable and pro-Western government. That does not mean we need to bow to Western countries. Instead we need to distance ourselves from Arab influence and regain our own dignity and legitimacy.

We know the so-called 'reform' movement within the regime has failed the Iranian people's aspirations. We need to conduct a dialogue with the Iranian people and not with their corrupt leaders, elected or unelected. We cannot ignore the human rights violations that are taking place in Iran on a daily basis.

Bloggers inside Iran, endangered by regime harassment but courageously pursuing their only means of getting their messages out, are under constant scrutiny by regime agents and risk imprisonment, torture and worse.

In recent days a list has been printed in Iran's conservative Kayhan newspaper. Kayhan is "exposing" a network of Internet journalists and bloggers, inside and outside Iran, accusing them of having a sophisticated network to undermine the Islamic Republic of Iran, even linking them to the CIA. This is a clear sign that the IRI feels endangered.

We need to bring this to the attention of the Western media. We cannot let our youth be silenced and perish through inaction by us, we who have the freedoms they sorely lack.

The future of Iran lies with its people, especially the younger generation. The best way we can help these young freedom-loving Iranians is by supporting them and regime-change in Iran.

We in the West must recognize the suffering of the Iranian people and their desire to be liberated from the fundamentalist mullahs.

Iranians under the IRI are not free to speak or write, but they relentlessly send messages and shown the world their desire for freedom and their hope for moral support from the U.S. and other Western governments. The IRI slyly lets them speak and write at times, but when 'push comes to shove', their iron fist comes down on them.

Let us not be silent and apathetic; let us not be weak and indifferent. Write to your local media, your Senators and Congressmen. Let them know of the injustices of the Islamic Republic of Iran vis-à-vis the people. The European community must put pressure on its governments not to continue economic interaction with this regime, thereby propping them up. Let the next President of the United States (Bush or Kerry) and his Administration know that there should never be dialogue with this regime, only moral support for Iran's people!

TAKE ACTION!                       

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