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Monkey wrench
The IRI has once again succeeded in playing the loosing hand, with Iranian national interest as its usual first victim

March 11, 2002
The Iranian

The acting king of Saudi Arabia, Prince Abdullah's peace plan (a de facto recognition of Israel) is gathering more and more converts as the date is approaching for its presentation at the Arab Summit in Beirut. All the important Arab countries, Syria included, have publicly announced their qualified backing of the plan. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as usual, has hedged its bet by an ambiguous yes and a murky no.

The external President, Khatami, has initiated a yet another charm offensive/damage control, sending emissaries to the European capitals, and Riyadh, declaring his "administration's" general agreement with the outline of the Saudi peace initiative, with a few monkey wrenches thrown in for good measure. While back home, the Old Guard is balking at the plan and enumerating the fringe benefits of the continuation of the Palestinian armed resistance by IRI's proxy groups.

Meanwhile, with the deployment of U.S. military "advisors" to the Republic of Georgia, and Yemen, and with the all but in name, the relocation of the U.S. Central Command from Florida to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, and the continuing military liaison with the Republic of Armenia, the noose is getting ever tighter.

A swan song has begun to be heard, albeit faintly. A key note was played during the recent state visit to IRI by the American supported Afghani Transitional Prime Minister, Karzai. The permanent head of the Expediency Council and a recognized pillar of the regime, Rafsanjani, who is in the habit of receiving any and all visiting foreign dignitary, the head of the public works of the Burkina Faso included, was noticeably absent from the itinerary of the visiting Karzai.

In a matter of days came Rafsanjani's public announcement of "Our problems with the United States can be resolved on condition, as we have already said several times, that they return our assets", in essence, stating that differences have never been ideological, as has been portrayed by IRI, rather, it is only a matter of a financial dispute. Finding no takers, he is back at playing up the irreconcilable ideological differences in this Friday Prayer with a couple of veiled threats to boot.

The IRI has once again succeeded in playing the loosing hand, with Iranian national interest as its usual first victim. This time, even the-paid-for-fair-weather friend, Syria, is abandoning the IRI. The recipient of enormous direct and indirect financial grants, has sided with prudence. So have the Russians, who are taking a rather belligerent attitude towards Tehran in regards to Caspian Sea oil.

The Pakistani military government, now firmly in the U.S. camp, is backing the recent Turkmen president's declaration which was made during Karzai's state visit. The proposed fifteen hundred mile long pipeline from Doulat-abad in Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, to Moultan in Pakistan, is in actuality, the reconstitution of an old plan, which was negotiated with the Taliban and came to a grinding stop by the U.S. missile attack against Al-Qaeda camps in 1998, during the Clinton Administration.

Iran's leaders have managed to place themselves in the unenviable situation of being between a rock and a hard place. The rock being the encirclement by the U.S. military, and a populace ready to welcome a liberator a la Afghanistan. And the hard place being an indoctrinated small cadre, unwilling to accept an ideological about-face, and a host of IRI barons, whose very survival depends on a perpetual mayhem.

The logical, economical and safe transit route for the pipeline is through a democratic Iran. The people of Iran are ready, able and willing to take charge of their destiny, all they require is moral support and the secession of European powers' pussyfooting with the IRI. The demise of this theocratic regime is an eventuality. Those who are reaping short-term gains contrary to the Iranian nation's legitimate rights, are selling their respective country's long-term interests for a pittance.

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Shahriar Zangeneh

By Shahriar Zangeneh

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