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Dance monkey dance!
For sellouts everywhere from Morocco to Pakistan (and especially Iran)


June 2, 2005

You talk and talk and talk
Driven by the motor in your mouth,
Guzzling lies and propaganda
Pumped from the killing fields of Iraq

And while brother murders brother
Your voice grows hoarse from cheering
Since for the "freedom-hating" Other
American Judgment Day is nearing

And while others fight, you sit at home
Breeding facts with fiction
Too doped to go where soldiers roam
Cuz hypocrisy is an addiction

And like a fiend who won't come clean,
You rage against the proof,
That reality isn't as you'd have it seem;
It doesn't fit your truth

You think you've found a quick fix
To turn water into wine
So you scream for everyone else to drink
What is poisoning your mind

Now I heard you shout and shout anew
And there's just one thing to say to you;
(Listen, Slater, then we're through)
Just because you've gone from man to monkey
Doesn't make us monkeys too.

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Maziar Shirazi

Maziar Shirazi


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