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A sermon on coexistence

February 11, 2007

My faith to me, your faith to you
Both need a chance to live through.

Our moral life should be carried out individually
Our behavior is rewarded or punished socially.

The laws in societies should be for all
The right of private property refuses to fall.

We cannot escape living and working together
We must acknowledge the limit of each other.

To live a responsible life entails insight                         
To live a miserable life requires just a sigh.

Truly, our heart and reason should work for us  
Our good intention can be a plus.

Respecting the views of all is essential
Progressive ideas are elemental.

The worse disposition is hypocrisy
Whether in theocracy or democracy.

People can be deceived by their own mind
Yet alone by friends and foes combined.

The sky is vast for our vision
The earth is the place to make our decision.

Our heart has a forgiving life
We are better off using it right.

Our emotions ought to be used for enjoyment
Lasting faith has the message of improvement.

To protect our resources and lands
Education can teach us how to reach our hands.

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