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Dear Mack II
Emails from women married to or dating Iranian men


June 18, 2007

Throughout years of writing for and other publications, I have received enormous amount of emails from women married or dating Iranian men with a wide range of questions about their husbands and boyfriends. Here is another selection and my responses:

To: Mack Baniameri
Subject: why is it...

Dear Siamack,

I have been dating an Iranian guy for over a year now. Although he is very americanized, he seems to be extremely religious. He often goes out of town on weekends to help promote his faith (Baha'i). He told me last week that he was going to Texas to help build a temple but I found out later that he was in Las Vegas. Am I been taken for fool?

From: Mack Baniameri
RE: why is it...


Iranian men are devoted to spirituality. Our faith is our life and we never ... ever ... ever lie when it comes to our religion. Most religious Iranians go to Las Vegas to get in touch with their God. It's natural. Where else can you see the light? Something very strange happens to us in Las Vegas. It's nothing short of holy. Don't even think for a second that your Iranian boyfriend was in Vegas to gamble, drink, do drugs and pick up hookers on the Strip. He was there to reflect, search and find his moral compass.

And upon his return from Las Vegas, if for some reason he looks like he's recovering from a bad hangover or there are oozing blisters on his lips, do not panic. That's how we all look when we have a major spiritual awakening.

And the blisters on his lips will go away with shots of penicillin.

Best regards,


To: Mack Baniameri
Subject: Is he ...

Mr. Baniameri,

My Iranian husband has been acting very strange lately. He's been asking me to insert objects in his, you-know-what.

Do you think he is gay?

From: Mack Baniameri
Subject: RE: Is he ...

Dear YYYY,

Yes, he is gay. But it's okay. Many of us Iranian men have tendencies. Haven't you seen us dance? And the kissing three times on the cheeks with a hint of tong is no coincidence. Regardless, you need to understand that your husband is vulnerable and he needs your support.

Oh, and please be gentle when inserting the object in his you-know-what.

Best regards,

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