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Berkeley Pahlavans win intramural soccer championship
The game was played in front of an enthusiastic crowd of some tens of fans wailing on the traditional Iranian tonbak chanting "do do do do do ... Iran!"

B.B. See
December 16, 2004

BERKELEY, CA - The all-Iranian Pahlavan Futbol team became the Fall 2004 Indoor Soccer Intramural Champions at UC Berkeley, beating off defending champions Cloyne, for the prestigious title.

The 12-man all Iranian team took the title from their rivals following a 4-0 victory.  The intense match, played in the Blue Gym of the Recreational Sports Facility, pitted the number 1 ranked Pahlavan against number 2 Cloyne. The physical match saw both teams go at it with two yellow cards being shown, both to Pahlavan players. In the end, however, the Iranians proved to be the more determined in this hard fought match >>> Photos

The game opened up with a strong performance from both sides. The deadlock was finally broken via a cheeky shot by the big dog himself, Maziyar. He would go on to score two more and end the night with a superb hat trick. Pahlavan made it 4 goals following a nice tuck into the side of the net by the Shirazi himself, Hamid Assadi.

Cloyne got off a couple of shots on target, but nothing that co-captain and goalkeeper Keyan Rahimi-Keshari couldn't handle. Pahlavan completely dominated defensively, thanks to plays by such notables as the impenetrable wall that was Salar "Esfooni" Deldar and Babak Amirebrahimi, the Shirazi sensation who in his first season with Pahlavan has proven to be a very potent force in the back.

As always, the Pahlavanan midfielders, like rookie phenomenon Ali Assareh, lit up the game with their dazzling individual talent, crossing Cloyne players left and right. The man-of-a-million-moves himself, Kasra #19, left a few opponents on the ground after juking them.

When the final whistle blew, the court erupted with cheers and a couple of players were hoisted up, including Lil' Ack Bobak, whose quick wit throughout the season prevented Pahlavan players from receiving red cards.

The game was played in front of an enthusiastic crowd of some tens of fans wailing on the traditional Iranian tonbak chanting "do do do do do ... Iran!" Decked in Iranian national team apparel, fans, such as season ticket holders Naghmeh and Hoda, cheered their beloved boys onto victory.  The match also saw a guest appearance by legendary UC Berkeley academian and die-hard Pahlavan fan, Dr. Darius Zahedi.

Following the game, a few of the players let out their emotions. "I told them before the game we better win this one cause I'm graduating this year dammit!" all-star midfielder Amir remarked.  Aidin, the Azeri Turk himself, asserted "this one right here was for the people . . . represent that one time for the motherland!"

Following the game, the men-in-red celebrated at BOBA's Cafe under the guidance of veteran striker, Shahaub "Lefty" Roudbari, who advised, "nipples man. . . BOBA aren't balls. . . what kinda balls you been looking at. . . BOBA are nipples man." 

The Intramural Championship title was something Pahlavan had been craving since their establishment two years ago. "We'd been looking for this for a few seasons now," Pahlavan ace and Electrical Engineering guru Sahand explained, "and now we got it."

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