SIMA: Iranian women in space


"Today is the anniversary of Anousheh Ansari's launching as the first Iranian woman in space. Let's hope for the day when the last Iranian woman is sent into space." -- Society of Fed-up Iranian Men

10/27/2008 - 08:38


Arash that was a great poem!

by Anonymously (not verified) on

as a woman I am thrilled to know men like Arash exist!
KouroshS a real woman wrote that and you better NEVER EVER say a woman CAN'T write like that! How low can a man be to think that only men can write satire?
Get a life!


Excellent Poem Arash:)

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Arash M/k

that poem was so great and i am still laughing.

Manoochehr's wife

A real woman will never ever write like the way you did. NIce try though:)


I laughed my @$$ off.....

by Khar on

Thanks! :o)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Excuse my French, but ...

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on


سالها رفت و ندیدیم ز مردان هنری    -    بجز از عربده و لابه و از بی‌ گهری

وقت آنست که این دور به زنها بدهیم    -    تا بسازند هر آنچه که خرابست و خری

مرد دیوانه دو صد سنگ به چاه اندازد    -    یک جهان زن نتواند که در آرد به شری

هایهوی همه مردان به جهان منعکس است  -  هنر و گوهر و مهر آمده از ماه و پری

گر همه بانوی ایران به فضا اندازند     -      عمر مردان همه باشد به توالت سپری



Simin khanoom

by IRANdokht on






by Killjoy (not verified) on

So far so good, I liked your scenario, BUT what if their criminal courts decide to send their worst criminals into exile back to earth?


I loved the joke!


What her $20 million dollar travel to space has.................

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

What her $20 million dollar travel to space has to do with politics? I did not see a connection,but what I saw was a waste of money that could have been used for a good cause,such as homelessness,drug addiction in Iran that her money could have been used for.Her $20 million trip to sky earned her few month of fame including couple of interviews,but if her money was spend for an Iranian cause she would have been remembered in Iran till eternity.


A letter to my beloved husband

by Manouchehr's Wife (not verified) on

Dear Manouchehr:

Sweetie…the moment is here for me to bid you goodbye as I am forced to take my mandatory exile to space. I’m so sad to be leaving you behind baby. I want to stay and cling to you, to take care of you, to watch over you, and to make sure of your well-being. But those cruel guards won’t let me stay.

It’s been really hard deciding what to pack for this awful trip. I mean, what does one wear in space? What kind of makeup would I need? Will there be shops there?

In a way, I’m glad they have had us in that rigorous physical training program prior to our takeoff. The weight loss has been welcome. I will look good and fit, but I won’t have you my sweet honey near me. That really sucks, you know? I am packing my “personal appliance” for my trip to be sure. I figure things won’t be that different for me in space in that department. Between our fights, your business trips, your fatigue, and the occasional mild case of EDS, I have become somewhat attached to my little personal appliance. Did I tell you what I call him? My “Energizer Bunny!” I know I used to call you that a long time ago, but it’s just such a good name for anything that can generate surefire orgasms! But I’m sure you don’t mind sharing the name with it, especially since it has substituted for you on so many occasions before.

Though I’m sad for not seeing your cute little face, honey bunny, you will forgive me when I say I’m really happy I won’t have to see your occasional temper tantrums. I will miss how cute you were when you went "akh-tofff" on the sidewalk whenever we went for a stroll. Akhay...I will cry a river remembering those romantic strolls.

I guess I’ll have to fend for myself in space, which is not that different from what I have had to do on earth. I will continue to work and pay my way through life in space as I did living with you on earth. I just don’t know what I would do with all the time I will have on my hands after work if I don’t have to cook for you, clean the house, and listen to your opinions about everything, not to mention calling your family and being the good Iranian wife that I am expected to be. I think I might miss all of that. Then again, I might not.

Manouchehr Jan; as a parting gift, I have left you some ghormeh sabzi and khoreh karafs packages in the freezer, for as long as they will feed you. I have also left you a paid subscription to “Playboy Bunnies in Space” satellite channel, something you might wish to enjoy if and when you miss me (wink, wink, balaaa!). For dire emergencies and for when you might become a little closer with your other male friends, I have left you a family-size jar of Vaseline in the medicine cabinet.

Goodbye my sweet Persian Carpet, my Middle-Eastern Hercules, my Arian Aphrodisiac! Best of luck to you ghand-o-assal xxxxxxx-talaye man! My tearful eyes will always search to see your cute face in any star or constellation I might visit.

Ghorbanat beravam,

Your faithful wife forever, Simin


خانوم‌ها در فضا....آقایون همینجا


خانوم‌ها در فضا....آقایون همینجا

ببینیم نتیجه ش چی‌ می‌شه

- فضا......

همه جا از تمیزی برق می‌زنه، هر چیزی کاملا" مرتب سر جاشه، همه بوی عطر میدن، همه بزک دوزک کرده و خوشگلند ، از سر رقابت با همسایه یکی‌ از یکی‌ خوشگل تر و خوش اندام تر ......

ولی‌ همگی‌ کلاه گیس میپوشند، چون تو دعوا ‌های پایان نا پذیر شون گیس واسه همدیگه باقی‌ نذاشتن، یا مشغول خریدن یا غیبت و لشکر کشی‌ و بهتون زدن ....فضا به دو قسمت تقسیم می‌شه قسمت  bitch  ها و قسمت خانوم خانوم ها، هر کس که با خانوم‌ها مخالفت کنه لا جرم جاش تو قسمت bitch هاست، بی‌ برو بر گرد ! چون مردی نیست که بهش دستور بدن همگی‌ از یه جور دیپر شن رنج میبرن





Hamasho saader koneen?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Sorry, but also hier again: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. The Islamic Revolution is based on Islamic Ideology. It is some kind of Quality which proliferates by it`s own. It will never runs out. It has lasted 1400 years till now.
EXAMPLE: Moslems from Indonesia to Andalusia are more and more designing their daily life up to islamic rules. They have not imported the ideology. It existed there allready. The named nations had needed only to beginn to make use of it. They have begann.
The Islamic revolution and the ideology is not expotable as the western democracy is.
EXAMPLE: Irak, afghanistan, Europe.
the two Entities are opposit to each other. also the way they get "exported" is different. the first one spreads over the world by negogiation the logical and apparent facts. the last one is exported by means of weapons.
Only the islamic theology contains suitable means which can help to conquer against western hegemonia. As the britons came to India and to Orient they had only one opponent and it was the islamic ideology. Since then they do not get tired to fight Islam. The western Imperialism will continue with the war against islam till it is either defeated for ever or dead as a result of deep frustration.
the armenians as well as all other religious minority have a nice and sencefull life in the Islamic Republic of Iran. However the jock is nice. Greeting


sure I'll go!

by IRANdokht on

I'll go to space too, why not!

As soon as one of the fed up Iranian gents offer to pick up my travel expenses!



انجمن زنان ایرانی‌ در فضا

زن ایرانی‌ فضایی (not verified)

بیایید بما بپیوندید

ما در فضا به خوشی‌ و خوشحالی زندگی‌ می‌‌کنیم. قوانین آخوندی در فضا قابل اجرا نیست، مثلا در فضا "یا روسری یا توسری" حرف بسیار مزخرفی ست چون همه، حتا مردها، باید کلاه خود فضایی بپوشند و نمی شود روسری یا چادر را روی، یا زیر، کلاه خود پوشید. پس مرد و زن در فضا فرق زیادی با هم ندارند.

پس بیایید بما بپیوندید

Kouroush Sassanian

Chera belakh medeh! ;) Oh,

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Chera belakh medeh! ;) Oh, be marda belakh medeh . . . begou


با آرزوی موفقیت بیشتر

مرد بی‌ زن (not verified)

به امید روزی که هر مرد ایرانی‌ دو زن در فضا داشته باشد دو زن در زمین.



امیر کبیر چشم انتظار (not verified)

فرستادن ایشان به فضا مبارکتان باشد. سئوال بنده اینست که بسلامتی کی بر میگردند؟



Iranian Reader (not verified)

زن های ایرانی را به فضا بفرستیم و مرد های ایرانی را به قعر جهنم.

انجمن زنان تیز چنگ و دندان

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Reminds me of joke: On the anniversary of the Islamic revolution an Iranian TV reporter asks questions from people on the street. He asks this Armenian guy, "What do you think about exporting the revolution?" The Armenian guy responds with a thick accent: "Kheyli khoobeh... kheyli khoobeh... Hamasho saader koneen!" ("I think it's very very good. Export all of it!")