Evlin Baghcheban

Iranian opera pioneer

اِولین باغچه‌بان، از بنیان‌گذاران اپرای تهران و از پیشگامان هنر آواز دسته‌جمعی (کُر) در ایران، درسال ۱۳۰۷ خورشیدی در ترکیه متولد شد و ارزش‌های والای هنری خود را در این کشور کسب کرد. اما او ایران را نیز وطن خود می داند و معتقد است، اگر "جسم کارهای هنری" او به ترکیه تعلق داشته باشد، "روح زندگی هنری و موسیقایی" او به ایران تعلق دارد: "ترکیه وطن من است و من مثل یک درخت در آنجا رشد کردم، اما میوه‌هایم را در ایران دادم و در ایران به بار نشستم. به همین علت هر دو کشور را دوست دارم و هر دو را وطن خودم می‌دانم." اِولین باغچه‌بان زمانی که در کنسرواتوار دولتی آنکارا تحصیل می‌کرد، با ثمین باغچه‌بان، موسیقی‌دان و آهنگساز صاحب‌نام ایرانی، آشنا شد>>> JadidOnline


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by HollyUSA on

What a delightful woman and such amazing talent and ability. I'm only sorry that I didn't have the good fortune to see her perform in Iran. And so gracious.

Evlin khanom, as an Iranian, I will say it was OUR pleasure and good fortune to have you in Iran. Thank you.


Beautiful Evlin Khanom

by Monda on

It is so nice to see your lovely face and to hear your wonderful story-telling on this video.  You and Mr. Baghcheban were some of the true gems and elites our country had. I saw you only twice at Taalaar Roodaki, only because Melik Aslanian (my piano teacher back then) had assigned me to go... Now I wish I could go back in time to hear you more.  

I also enjoyed seeing your beloved's pictures. The passionate contributions of you and Mr. Baghcheban to the arts and children of Iran, will never be forgotten.  

My niece plays Rangin Kamoon for her 4 year old son as he dances to it. He delights in it as much as his mother did growing up in Iran after enghelaab. 

I patiently wait until I hear Kaveh's music on the internet and someday Live, hopefully here in San Fransisco. 

My Best wishes to you all. 


Any relationship?

by didani on

If so talent runs in your family, very impresive couple.


Thank you, my friends!

by sima on

I sent this link to Evlin and I'm sure your comments will make her very happy.

Yes, Samin and Evlin Baghcheban are real treasures. Wait till you hear more about them... Their son, Kaveh, also a terrifically talented musician (he calls himself Kaveh Ahang-gar!) is working on an archive.

But Nazy jan, they were not "philantropists" in the common sense of the word. That is, they were not rich! Far from it. They were -- are -- just generous souls.


Beautiful soul!

by Princess on

Sounds like a beautiful wonderful woman. Such a pity that individuals like her are prevented from doing their much needed work in Iran. 

Thank you, Sima, for introducing Evlin Baghcheban to me. 

Nazy Kaviani

Oh, wonderful!

by Nazy Kaviani on

I am on top of the world! Thank you Sima! Thank you!

Evlin and Samin Baghcheban are two of most understated cultural and social figures of contemporary Iranian history. What the couple achieved during their lifetime for Iran and Iranians deserves to be written and told to the world. Selfless artists, philanthropists, and activists, they brought so much joy and comfort to Iran.

Their choral collection, Rangin Kamoon, continues to be one of the most beautiful collections of Iranian music to date, living on and giving joy to Iranian children and adults alike.

There could never be a better Iranian of the Day than Evlin who gave so much to Iran in her lifetime.

Thank you.


beh beh

by Haleh on


What a wonderful lady, full of love and music.

I can't believe how the amount treasures that lay hidden in our
land, right under our noses.